Visual Effects, Digital Arts & Animation

Explore unmapped visual frontiers in our unique creative laboratory


Gain a powerful insight into the fast paced world of visual effects production, digital arts and animation with all the tools, techniques and practical experience required to succeed as one of tomorrow's industry professionals. Subject areas include 2D and 3D animation, filmmaking, post-production, motion design, matte painting, digital compositing, visual effects supervising, creative coding, audiovisual installations and interactive art.

Our visual effects, digital arts and animation courses at Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts & Technology, are based at the extraordinary Funkhaus facility in Berlin. Our intensive 1 year HE Certificate and in-depth 3 year Bachelor's degree are rigorously validated by our UK university partner. It’s a work hard, play hard approach that provides you with the credentials, experience and portfolio required to take the next step in developing your career.

Certificate and bachelor degree courses

Our flagship courses focus on 'hands on' reflective practice, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.

HE Certificate

Length: 1 Year
Start: 12.09.2022
Application period:
Opening Nov 2021 (sign up to our newsletter to be notified) - Priority Application deadline April 29
Fees: View our course fees

An intensive year of whirlwind, hands-on collaborations and a deep end dive into the tools of the trade.

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BA (Hons) Bachelor Degree

Length: 3 Years
Start: 12.09.2022
Application period:
Opening Nov 2021 (sign up to our newsletter to be notified) - Priority Application deadline April 29
Fees: View our course fees

A practical and innovative project-based programme designed to provide you with the tools and techniques required to create 2D and 3D animations, visual effects solutions for film, live visuals and digital arts projects. Navigate through a wide scope of technologies and explore new forms of storytelling.

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Visual storyteller

Tomorrow’s visual creatives will be multidisciplinary artists, fluent in cutting-edge software and cross-media technology tools. But above all, they will be visual storytellers, guided by an acute awareness and sensitivity that will open minds and contribute to the design of future realities.

Professional facilities

Maximising ‘hands on’ access to doing what you love.


  • High powered PC’s with killer Graphic cards
  • 10 bit displays (x2)
  • Wacom drawing tablets


  • Full Adobe suite
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Fusion
  • Cinema 4D
  • autodesk 3DS
  • Unreal
  • Blender
  • Substance painter
  • Zbrush
  • Vray
  • Fume FX
  • Meshmixer
  • Touch Designer
  • Resolume
  • Processing
  • Madmapper
  • Spark AR
3D asset class in the LightRoom as part of the Visual Effects degree programme.


  • Ergonomic & modulable workstations
  • Screening room with 4k projector
  • High speed Data server

Post-production boxes

  • PC’s with 10 bit double displays
  • Color grading panel

Film studio with infinity green screen

  • Live compositing setup
  • High powered gaming laptops
Visual Effects - Green Screen room - VFX

VFX kits

  • VFX kits including chrome and grey ball, laser meter, trackers, Smoke machine, ventilators etc...
Film Gear - Visual Effects

Film gear

  • Fully packed filmmaking kits including Panasonic EVA1, Panasonic GH5, DSLR cameras, Atomos, Monitors, lights, stands, grip and accessories...
Film Gear - Visual VFX

Practical FX gear

  • VFX make up kit
  • Miniature sets
  • Stop motion kits

Virtual Reality

VFX workshops with virtual reality

3d scan & motion capture

  • Kinect azure
  • Leap motion
Interactive Gear - motion sensor - Practical VFX at Catalyst

Interactive gear

  • Midi controllers
  • Arduino kits
  • Projectors for projection mapping

Arduino - Visual Effects - Practical VFX


  • Projectors for projection mapping
VFX Lab workshop in Film Studio at Catalyst

Building for success

However you measure it and whatever artistic realm you are working in, most creatives would like to achieve success with their creative endeavour. There are many types of success an individual may want to achieve. From successful completion of an artistic exploration all the way through to financial security and a global audience

There are many skills required to develop these dreams into real and practical futures. Our optional course in self-development and leadership is the ‘rocket fuel’ which will provide you with the frameworks, the focus and the drive to help realise your future.

Self development to better understand how to take decisive action, to communicate powerfully with others and take an honest look at how you limit yourself. Leadership to complete your creative project, to bring your work into the external world and to attract an audience to share, appreciate and follow your work. 

Showreel by Matthieu Schmit - Programme Lead & Tutor

Our team

Our tutors are all experienced professionals with a passion for passing on their experience to others. You will be guided along your visual effects journey by a team of permanent tutors and visiting visual effects industry pros from around the world.

Behind the scenes

Catalyst story features and extracurricular highlights