Anton Egorov

Tutor, Visual Effects, Digital Arts & Animation

Visual Effects, Digital Arts & Animation at Catalyst is all about making the impossible possible. “The best part of my role is seeing my students start with zero knowledge and learn how to make their imagination come to life,” says Anton, who brought his own brand of magic to the Catalyst team in 2020. That said, he is always super excited about what his students can teach him!

Anton teaches VFX, 2D and 3D assets, mechanics and dynamics, and analysis to our first and second-year Visual Effects students. “From the first job interview at Catalyst, I could tell that it was the place I want to be at right now,” he enthuses. 

Originally from Ukraine and Israel, Anton has worked as a freelancer for over 14 years, mainly as a Generalist motion artist. He’s worked on projects big and small, from music videos and feature films to VFX art and animation. What gives him the most satisfaction in life? The moment an idea is formed in his head, followed by an unstoppable drive to make it happen. We’re not surprised, since Anton’s already got a feature film under his filmmaking belt.

When he’s not at Catalyst, Anton’s scheming up the next challenge to get stuck into. Either that or he’s looking at graffiti, watching sci-fi films, listening to punk rock, or brewing beer – which we’ve heard is another of his special talents.

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