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Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

A safe space to dream big

Discover, develop and celebrate your unique creative identity at the extraordinary Funkhaus in Berlin.

Our courses span electronic music production and performance, audio and music production, sound engineering, filmmaking, screenwriting, visual effects, digital arts and acting. They range from bachelor's and master's degree courses through to four-week summer courses for beginners, validated by our UK partner institution Plymouth Marjon University.

Using immersive, hands-on, project-based learning to develop your subject specialist skills, real-world human attributes and industry know-how, we provide a learning experience which will transform your daily life long after you have left Catalyst behind.

We believe that greatness is grown, not born

Our extraordinary location provides a well-grounded creative space to dream big and build a life you love.

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Undergraduate courses

Three-year BA degrees and one-year HE Certificates.

Electronic Music Production & Performance BA (Hons) / HE Certificate

Become a pioneer in the world of electronic music production with our project-based curriculum, in which bold experimentation and risk-taking are key to your success.

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Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering BA (Hons) / HE Certificate

Discover your sonic fingerprint as a music producer or sound engineer in a programme that combines vocational technical training, creative practice and critical thinking.

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Music & Sound Design for Visual Media BA (Hons) / HE Certificate

Develop your own creative voice as an audio storyteller and sound designer across film and a range of visual media in this interdisciplinary, project-based and collaborative programme.

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Acting BA (Hons) / HE Certificate

Become a captivating presence on stage and screen with our contemporary, highly practical acting training, preparing you for a versatile career in today’s ever-changing media and performance landscape.

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Film Production BA (Hons) / HE Certificate

Learn how to express your authentic self through film, create original work from your own unique point of view and embrace global perspectives as part of an international community of filmmakers.

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Screenwriting BA (Hons) / HE Certificate

Build your skills as a versatile storyteller as you learn to write and deliver engaging narratives for a variety of formats and genres, developing your own ideas as well as collaborating in a Writers' Room.

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Visual Effects, Digital Arts & Animation BA (Hons) / HE Certificate

Create 2D and 3D animations and visual effects solutions for film, live visuals and digital arts projects in this practical, multidisciplinary and project-based programme.

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Postgraduate courses

MA degrees, offered full-time and part-time.

Creative Production (Music) MA

Reshape your music practice and pursue your chosen area of interest, desired specialisation or passion project through practice-based artistic research.

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Creative Production (Film) MA

Deepen your creative practice as a filmmaker, director, cinematographer, editor, writer or audiovisual artist through practice-based artistic research.

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Intensive four-week summer courses.

Studio Recording – Short Course

Level: Beginner

Learn the fundamentals of recording and producing bands, soloists or electronic artists in a professional studio environment.

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Electronic Music Production – Short Course

Level: Beginner

Learn the core principles of the craft of the electronic music producer and hone your skills to express your creative ideas.

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Mixing & Mastering Electronic Music – Short Course

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Advance your creative and technical approach to refining and finishing your tracks as an electronic music producer.

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Advanced Sound Design – Short Course

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Already started your journey in electronic music production? This short course is for the artist or producer who is ready to stretch their capabilities and take their work to the next stage in its evolution. 

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Filmmaking – Short Course

Level: Beginner

Kickstart your journey as a film writer, director, cinematographer or editor and learn the fundamentals of storytelling, photography, pre-production, working with actors and post-production.

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Screen Acting – Short Course

Level: Beginner

Learn the fundamentals of performing for camera. Develop and hone your fledgling acting skills through practical, confidence-boosting learning experiences.

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A progressive education

Based on project-based learning and collaboration, our progressive education model empowers students to learn through “doing", whilst complying with the rigorous requirements of a UK university qualification.

We speak human

At heart, our school is about people. A creative community. A nurturing, caring, relaxed and friendly 'home from home' where tutors provide uncompromising support to international students from more than 75 different countries. We celebrate this coming together of people and the richness of their different ideas and experiences. It's one of our greatest strengths.

Funkhaus is our home

Maximise your 'hands-on' time inside what was one of the world’s largest multi-studio complexes during the Soviet era. Think of it as your very own technological playground, with inspirational gear and sackfuls of creative vibe.

A guiding hand

Our tutors are experts in their field, with a passion for passing on their knowledge to others. They'll inspire and challenge you to dream big and fulfil your unique creative potential.

Come and discover for yourself

We think we've designed one of the most exciting places on the planet to do courses like ours. It's hardly a surprise that we'd say that, so please don't take our word for it. We offer a bursting programme of both virtual and in-person events for prospective students, where you can meet us and find out if you agree.

Join us at a Virtual Open Day or an Open Day at our campus in Berlin, chat to our programme leads at Meet The Tutor, try a taster workshop, come on a tour of our facilities or join a Q&A with our Admissions team. We can't wait to meet you.

Live, work and play in Berlin

As a creative media metropolis, Berlin is one of the world's most exciting cities for musicians, audio producers, sound engineers, filmmakers, actors, screenwriters and digital artists.