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A safe space to dream big

Discover, develop and celebrate your unique creative identity at the extraordinary Funkhaus in Berlin.

Our courses span electronic music production and performance, audio and music production, sound engineering, film production, filmmaking, visual effects and acting. From short summer courses through to bachelor and master degrees validated by our UK university partner and facilitated by our international teaching team.

Using immersive, hands-on, project based learning to develop your subject specialist skills, real world human attributes and industry know-how, we provide a learning experience which will transform your daily life long after you have left Catalyst behind.

Catalyst Does Michelberger Hotel’s PEOPLE Festival

We believe that greatness is grown not born

Our extraordinary location provides a well-grounded creative space to dream big and build a life you love.

dBs Berlin have grown into Catalyst. We're growing with you.More

dBs Berlin have grown into Catalyst. We're growing with you.More

dBs Berlin have grown into Catalyst. We're growing with you.More

Subject areas

Shorts, pre-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

This is no ordinary electronic music education. We don’t do normal. Be challenged to the max whilst growing your identity as a practicing electronic music artist, producer and performer. Hands on, learning by doing with synthesisers, drum machines, sequencers and samplers will push your musical exploration to places you never thought possible. Open your mind, unlock your sound and reach a whole new audience.

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Discover a world of vintage studios, mixing desks, microphones, recording spaces, amplifiers, drum kits, compressors, guitars and people making noises with their body! Working in studio production, live sound, film, video game or sound installation, discover and design the most imaginative ways to use the latest recording techniques. We'll help you learn the rules and then celebrate when you break them. Step away from the ordinary, become a pro with us and kickstart a successful career in the audio industry.

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Forget written tests and theory textbooks - get out there and do it. You will star in multiple film productions weekly and be working in tandem with the filmmakers. When you are not rehearsing or on the set, you will join workshops with professional tutors to train your body and voice.

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Learn by doing. And doing. And doing. This isn’t your grandpa’s film school; from day zero your boots hit the ground, the camera’s in your hands, and you’re writing, shooting, cutting, and discussing your work - then doing it all over again.

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Make the impossible become real with the creative tools of tomorrow. Learn cutting edge industry practices from on-set visual effects to computer wizardry...then smash the standards and pioneer new ways forward. Immerse yourself in our unique creative laboratory to explore this unmapped frontier through hands-on learning, collaborative projects and real-world challenges. Walk away with a bulging portfolio

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Beyond the specialised creative and technical skillsets you learn with us, we think that leadership is a crucial element in supporting your life, your creative projects and your success after you leave Catalyst behind. This extraordinary course will magnify the potential of everything else you learn whilst you are with us and is available to Catalyst students as part of your course fee.

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Our music, film and acting schools will be hosting a selection of innovative and focussed 4-week short courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels starting from June 2021. Find the right summer course depending on your personal interest and experience.

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A progressive education

Our courses are based on the values and concepts of progressive education whilst complying with the rigorous requirements of a UK university qualification. We bring a lightness of being to help sustain and illuminate your serious intent.

Funkhaus is our home

Maximise your 'hands on' time. Fabulous facility, inspirational gear and sackfuls of creative vibe.

We speak human

At heart, our school is about people. A creative community. A nurturing, caring, relaxed and friendly 'home from home' where tutors provide uncompromising support to international students from more than 60 different countries. We celebrate this coming together of people and the richness of their different ideas and experiences. It's one of our greatest strengths.

Built for success

However you define success, there are a range of tools, skills, attributes and habits which significantly increase your chances of achieving it. These building blocks help turn a talented, hardworking human being into a genuinely successful one. At Catalyst we believe that developing them is crucial to your future life so we embed this teaching into most of our learning programmes.

Music tutors at Catalyst Berlin

A guiding hand

Our industry experienced tutor team will inspire and stretch you way beyond your current boundaries.

COVID-19 Update

Many of you will be concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak and how it might impact your education. Although we expect that when your course year starts in mid-September we will be operating normally we have provided a FAQ to provide answers to any questions you may have on the matter.

Discover for yourself

We think we've designed the most exciting place on the planet to do courses like ours. It's hardly a surprise that we'd say that so please don't take our word for it. Come and visit and discover it for yourself. Explore the facilities, try out a workshop, meet some tutors, ask a million difficult questions and find out if you agree.

Live, work and play in Berlin

The most exciting city on the planet for producers, musicians, sound engineers, DJ’s, filmmakers, actors and digital artists.