Thiago Moyses

Tutor, Visual Effects, Digital Arts & Animation

You could say that Visual Effects tutor Thiago Moyses is our resident magician. When it comes to VFX, he’s got plenty of near-impossible tricks in his hat. And while you’d never catch him sawing his assistant in half, he prides himself on convincing his colleagues to work on the craziest creative ideas. A magician’s job is to inspire wonder, and to his students at Catalyst, he does it by revealing his special effects secrets.

With a CV as long as the credits of a blockbuster movie, Thiago has 20 years’ experience in the film, TV and theatre industries. He’s worked with some of the biggest names in post-production, editing, VFX, animation, directing, scriptwriting and more. Hailing from Brasilia, Thiago’s VFX work has taken him to Rio de Janeiro and Berlin – his two favourite cities – as well as Los Angeles. A number of his films have been selected by acclaimed film festivals. In 2010, Sindrome de Pinocchio was selected as one of Brazil’s contenders for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.

Thiago also has a rich background in teaching, be it short courses or masterclasses. What brought him to Catalyst? “The people and the school’s philosophy,” he says. “I like the exciting approach, the passion and dedication, and how the art is appreciated. I also love the school’s commitment to its students and to training future artists, its wide view of the industry and independent projects, and its consideration of the students’ complete education – from creativity to the market.”

When Thiago is not spellbinding his students, he’s writing scripts and books, post-producing, preparing or directing his next film, animating, or spending time with his son – who, by the sounds of it, is already learning some magic tricks from his father.