Career opportunities at Catalyst

Catalyst is an international creative production and performance learning community based at the extraordinary Funkhaus. Our courses span electronic music production and performance, music production and sound engineering, film production, tech arts & visual effects, and acting and follow a progressive educational approach. We provide students with a safe space to dream big, grow their own greatness and build a life they love.

Our international team of professionals work under a progressive work model called Holacracy - a decentralised management system where decision-making is distributed throughout different circles that hold clear and driven purposes and all feed back to our core values. Working with purpose means that our roles and accountabilities adapt to always align with our purposes and this provides for a flexible and dynamic work and collaboration amongst our team members.

What can you expect from us:
- Opportunity to learn and exchange experiences with a vibrant creative community
- Dynamic and fast changing work environment
- Encouragement to express yourself and take initiative in shaping your role
- Freedom to express yourself within your specific academic focus
- Possibilities to develop yourself as teacher as well as a music professional

Current open positions at Catalyst

Visit our Creative City job profile to browse our current vacancies.