Simon Oblescak

Tutor, Film Production

Simon Obleščak is so immersed in all things film that to ask him for his favourite piece is “like asking a seagull which sea it prefers.” What most appeals to our tutor of camera, lighting, storytelling, production and industry is art that moves him in many ways. This viewpoint shines through Simon’s thought-provoking documentary films, which have won multiple awards and screened on national TV in his native Slovenia.

After working for many years in TV and advertising, and establishing his own film production company, Simon was driven to share his knowledge. He joined Catalyst’s newly formed film department in 2015, and has gone the extra mile to support his students ever since. “The most important part of my role is making sure the students get the experiences they need for their personal and career development,” he explains. 

As well as working on personal and commercial film projects, Simon loves to grow olives, sail and surf in his free time. A real people person, he’s a firm believer that the secret to happiness is serving others. Simon is most content when he’s with his family and friends – with or without a camera in his hands.

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