Summer Short Courses

From 19 June to 14 July, 2023

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Gear up for an inspirational summer of learning in the creative metropolis of Berlin. It’s a free-spirited, passionate, energetic heartthrob of a place that attracts like-minded creatives from across the globe. Come and share the love.

This summer, Catalyst's music, film and acting schools have a selection of focussed short courses on offer at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, depending on your personal interest and experience.

Our courses are delivered in English to an international audience of like-minded creatives. Last year, our learning community had students from more than 75 different countries.

Music summer programme 2023

Whether you’re deep into a specific electronic music genre, curious about sound exploration or obsessed with trying to achieve the perfectly balanced mix down; you’ll find new inspiration whilst developing a whole range of new skills in our intensive and specialised 4-week courses.

Electronic Music Production – Short Course

Level: Beginners
Length: 4 weeks

Our 4-week Electronic Music Production course is perfect for beginners and aspiring producers who want to learn the core principles of their craft and hone their skills to express their creative ideas!

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Advanced Sound Design – Short Course

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Length: 4 weeks

Our 4-week Advanced Sound Design course has been created with the artist/producer in mind. You know your way around a DAW, and already have a grasp of the fundamentals, but are interested in developing a new sonic identity or exploring new frontiers that will take your work to the next stage in its evolution. 

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Studio Recording – Short Course

Level: Beginners
Course length: 4 weeks

Our flagship 4-week Studio Recording beginners course has been designed for budding sound engineers eager to learn the fundamentals of recording and producing bands, soloists or electronic artists in a professional studio environment.

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Mixing & Mastering Electronic Music – Short Course

Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Course length: 4 weeks

This 4-week Mixing and Mastering course is designed for electronic music producers who are seeking to advance their creative and technical approach to refining and finishing their creative work. You will need to be familiar with the production process, and will have some tracks ready to work on but your mixes might lack the depth, clarity and warmth found in a professionally released track. Engage with the tools, techniques and thinking behind a well balanced, professional finished product and apply your knowledge in both commercial and home studio environments.

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Film & Acting summer programme 2023

Dive deep into the world of filmmaking and performing arts with our dynamic and collaborative 4-week short courses. At Catalyst we maximise ‘hands on’ access to doing what you love. With professional film facilities, editing suites, real-life actors, voice recording suites and a wide selection of equipment and props, we're the perfect playground to kick-start your creative careers.

Filmmaking – Short Course

Level: Beginners
Course length: 4 weeks

This 4-week filmmaking beginners course has been designed for budding writers, directors, cinematographers and editors eager to learn the fundamentals of storytelling, photography, pre-production, working with actors, and post-production. Kick start your journey as a film writer, director, cinematographer or editor.

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Screen Acting – Short Course

Level: Beginners
Course length: 4 weeks

This high-energy 4-week acting course for beginners is designed for budding actors eager to learn the fundamentals of performing for camera. Discover, play, and hone your acting skills with confidence through hands-on learning facilitated by expert tutors and industry professionals. Walk away with recorded material to produce your unique showcase.

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Built to be the best

Did you know that our riverside home, the Funkhaus, was purpose-built to be the largest radio-broadcasting site in the world?⁠

The acoustic and architectural marvel breathes creativity, combining impressive vintage studios with state-of-the-art spaces and equipment to inspire the imagination of our music, film and acting community. That includes over 30 recording studios and production suites, a film studio with green screen, multiple IT worksuites and several tons of audiovisual equipment.

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Our Music facilities
  • 25 studios and production suites including 4 atmospheric studios with configurable live rooms, 1 mastering studio with an SSL, 6 music production studios, 4 small production suites, 9 side room production studios, 1 surround sound studio and 1 radio studio.
  • Over 1500 bookable items including microphones, wireless systems, mixing consoles, preamps, field recorders, Technics, CDJs etc.
  • An amazing tech service team, ready to support you day-in and day-out.
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Our Film & Acting facilities
  • Professional film facilities for post-production, colour grading and mix suites for voice over and dubbing work.
  • Fully packed filmmaking kits including camera, lights, stands, grip and accessories.
  • 1400 bookable items including lights and accessories for use onsite, from stands, grip gear and cabling to expendables, props, costumes and more...
  • A welcoming film tech shop ready to provide support throughout your learning journey.
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Boots on the ground

With us, working hard and playing hard are synonymous.

There’s no waiting, spectating or page turning; our students are the main players in every project – and, trust us, there are many projects.

That means rolling up your sleeves, trying out ideas, embracing challenges, failing, growing and doing it all over again. At Catalyst, you embody your learning experience.

Taught by trailblazers

Our tutors and tech team’s curiosity continues to drive them into the most innovative and ingenious corners of their disciplines.

All practicing professionals in their own industry – many of them veterans of the local creative scene – they’re living their passion alongside our students.

Far from the traditional hierarchy, our educational structure is all about artistic exchange: our team has the knowledge and experience; you’ve got the right questions.

Oiled by collaboration

Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Spend any amount of time in our thriving community and you’ll come closer to the bigger creative picture.

Reflecting the professional industry, our institute is oiled by collaboration – from the micro level of group work to the interdisciplinary macro level – keeping ideas flowing, projects turning and connections building.

Need a filmmaker for your music video? A soundtrack for your film? An actor to motion detect in the green screen studio? Everything is possible.

Work hard, play hard

Once the learning day is done, grab a beer, a wood-fired pizza and chill with newly made friends by the riverside. If you feel like spending more energy, go hire yourself a paddleboard and get out on the river.

Or dive back into the heart of Berlin and enjoy the underground street life with outdoor cafes, cheap dining, music, spätis, events, parties and much much more.

At the weekend, grab yourself some culture at a million art galleries and museums then go take a dip in a beautiful lake. There's more than enough to feed every young soul!

Learn in English, be in Berlin

Berlin is the most exciting destination on the planet for producers, musicians, sound engineers, DJ’s, filmmakers, performers and artists.

It’s bold, it’s gritty, it’s cutting-edge and it pulsates with a creative youthful energy which never fails to put a smile on your face.

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Join our creative community!

If you'd like to get more of a feel for our courses and community, sign-up to a Virtual Open Day or an Open Day at our campus in Berlin. You'll get a tour of our spaces and facilities, along with programme-specific group sessions with our tutors.

Our beginner short courses are also designed for those students interested in gaining basic knowledge before starting our undergraduate courses starting in September.

Students taking a Summer Short Course in combination with an undergraduate course (HE Certificate or BA) with us receive a 5% discount on the total tuition.

Please contact our Admissions team for further details and for any support in applying to a course that fits your creative ambition.

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