Music and Sound Design for Visual Media HE Certificate

Bring visual narratives to life through sound

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Develop your creative voice as you explore the principles of sound design, audio production and music composition for Film, TV and emerging audiovisual storytelling formats. 

This hands-on and highly collaborative course has been designed to give you a broad overview with focus on your potential. You will learn the technical skills and creative techniques required to develop a rewarding career as a sound designer, audio specialist and music maker for the filmmaking and media industry. 

Gain first-hand experience from day one by working across a broad range of linear media productions such as soundscapes and scoring for film, tv and animation, as well as the basic principles of sound design for nonlinear audiovisual narratives. Throughout this course you will be learning how to enhance audiovisual and multimedia projects with audio solutions.

From studio recording and post-production, to linear composition, mixing, sequencing, sound design and synchronisation, you’ll be thrown into a range of specialist and creative roles for diverse multidisciplinary projects in close collaboration with our film, visuals effects, acting and music students. 

By the end of the year, you will have built a portfolio of creative and industry-relevant work, and walk away with the ability to work on music or sound briefs with confidence, making use of a range of technical tools and processes that will allow you to take on any new creative endeavour that comes your way.


You’ll be challenged on a regular basis to provide creative and technical sound and music solutions for diverse media productions, from short film scores, theatre sounds, to newer storytelling technologies. 

Our workshops and seminars covering everything, including: studio recording, mixing principles, composition and arrangement, sound design and storytelling are designed to help you grow a professional and creative toolkit that will enable you to: 

  • Understand the audio production and media industries with specific reference to self-production, autonomy, entrepreneurship, marketing and enterprise
  • Effectively identify and utilise suitable software and hardware tools for a specified brief
  • Develop a critical perspective of the broader field of creative sound and music practice as well as its relationship with media culture
  • Understand the impact of specific technologies on the music composition, production and sound engineering process
  • Know how to plan, develop and problem-solve in both academic and practice-led projects
  • Learn how to balance personal aesthetics with the requirements of an external client/collaborator
  • Make your first steps towards a career in the film and media industry

More details on workshops and course structure coming soon.

A safe space to dream big

Maximise hands-on access to audio production and sound engineering gear

Join a thriving industry

From Hollywood to Sundance, to Epic Games or the Webby awards, sound designers and specialists are gaining recognition for delivering iconic sounds across the media and filmmaking landscapes. 

The growing need for professional sound design and music composition in the media and arts sectors is expanding alongside the gaming, social media, film and TV industries. This course responds directly to the increasing demands for audio technicians and creatives who are able to deliver quality solutions for different media formats. 

By gaining a thorough understanding of how specific technologies impact the music composition, production and sound engineering process, you will be able to ride the wave of shifting formats and industry-shaking developments.


Employment model

The media industry never ceases to evolve and reinvent itself. We aim to provide you with an education that enables you to either be a change maker or to be capable of adapting and staying at the forefront of this change.

The last 30 years have seen unprecedented growth in the audio and music for media sector with the proliferation of the gaming industry, accelerated production needs for the film/TV and social media industries, as well as the expansion of app and mobile based technologies that require creative audio solutions.

There is growing demand for creative practitioners that are able to adapt to the shifting formats and technologies, from AAA games to indie film developments. Roles with permanent contracts do still exist but it is much more likely that you will work either as a freelancer or as part of a small startup on your way to professional creative autonomy.

Career outcomes

Our programme has been designed to give you broad yet relevant experience in a number of specific industries for you to progress into your chosen area of interest.

Here are just a few of the fields you can aspire to after completing our 1-year HE certificate course: 

  • Music Composition for film
  • Film scoring and arrangement
  • Game sound composer / arranger
  • Web audio
  • Audio app development
  • Interactive / installation art
Ready for a degree?

Your initial progression choice will be whether to make your first foray into the music industry or to continue your development in the second and third year of our Music and Sound Design for Visual Media Bachelor's degree course.

There is no right and wrong answer here. It will depend on the skillset you have already developed and what you are planning to do in the music industry.

Your success in either depends entirely on you – what you bring, your approach, and the grit, passion and sheer determination with which you take the next course or start your first project in the music industry.

Music and Sound Design for Visual Media BA degree
Building success

However you measure it and whatever artistic realm you are working in, most creatives would like to achieve success with their creative endeavour. There are many types of success an individual may want to achieve. From successful completion of an artistic exploration all the way through to financial security and a global audience

There are many skills required to develop these dreams into real and practical futures. Our optional course in self-development and leadership is the ‘rocket fuel’ which will provide you with the frameworks, the focus and the drive to help realise your future.

Self development to better understand how to take decisive action, to communicate powerfully with others and take an honest look at how you limit yourself. Leadership to complete your creative project, to bring your work into the external world and to attract an audience to share, appreciate and follow your work. 


Our tutors are industry-experienced professionals and creatives with a passion for passing on their knowledge to others. Say hello to some of the tutors that will be supporting you throughout your learning process.

Essential info

New course validation

This is a brand new course which Catalyst will run for the first time in 2023-24. If you see this message, it means that we are still in the process of accrediting it with our university partner (Plymouth Marjon University), which awards the degrees and certificates that our graduates receive after completing their studies with us.

How does this affect you? After the course is accredited, we will register it with the Berlin Senate, so that students enrolled on it are eligible to apply for funding or a student visa in Germany. If you would need a student visa to live in Berlin for the duration of your studies, then we recommend that you wait until this course is formally approved by the Senate before beginning your visa application. 

We expect this to be finalised by April 2023. In the meantime, you can still submit an application to study with us and we will contact you by email as soon as we receive official accreditation and Senate approval. In our 10 years in Berlin, all of our Bachelor and Master degree courses have been successfully validated within the same framework.

Entry requirements

Academic qualifications equivalent to A-level, Baccalaureate or Abitur are normally required to enter our HE Certificate programme. These may be waived if students are able to provide proof of capability via a portfolio of work.

For those students who have the capability but no proof of appropriate qualifications or portfolio we have also designed a new accelerated access course (primer workshops) which runs as part of our short course programme.

The most important prerequisite for attending any course at Catalyst is that you must be passionate about building and developing your skills as a creative practitioner.

For more information please contact a member of the team. We love to chat!

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Course dates and application deadline

Course start: mid-September 2023

Application deadlines

  • Round 1 - International (non-EU) and EU students - 31 March, 2023*
    * Non-EU students will need to apply for a student visa to live in Germany. The application process for this takes several months and you can only begin this process after you have been offered a place and enrolled on the course.
  • Final deadline - EU students only - 31 May 2023
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Tuition fees

We offer two ways to pay:

  • Single Payment Option:
    Enrolment Fee* €895 + Tuition Fee €10,350 = €11,245 per year
    Single payment tuition fee - August 1st deadline
  • Instalment Payment Option:
    Enrolment Fee* €895 + Tuition Fee 10 instalments x €1,135 = €12,245 per year
    Monthly instalment plan from August 1st - May 1st

* Note- Enrolment fee is non-refundable. It is due every year as part of the total annual fee.

If you decide to enrol in both a short and long course with us, you will receive a discount of 500€ on the total tuition.

More detail
How to apply

Our admissions team has prepared a handy little map of your journey to studenthood with us. Take a look and be in touch if you have any questions.

Coming soon
Open days and taster workshops

Get a feel for our school from the comfort of your home with our Virtual Open Days and skill-focussed Taster Workshops.

Hosted by our team and students, these online events will give you a sense of what it's like to come and study with us in Berlin.

We look forward to meeting you online soon!

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