Gary Schultz

Programme Lead, Music and Sound Design for Visual Media

Gary Schultz (aka JuniperFoam) is an artist and teacher based in Berlin who works with filmvideo and music. Born in Michigan, he received an MFA from CalArts and was awarded a research fellowship at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Art in Berlin (UdK).

He founded the label Care Of Editions in 2012 as a form of social practice, where he re-designed distribution models as a vehicle for performance. Today he runs the label as a collective with young curators from around the world: releasing and producing new singles nearly every week. In recent years, Schultz has collaborated with artists such as Oval, Mila Panić, Karin Ferrari and Roshanak Amini, presenting works internationally at the Triennale Milano, the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and the Cultural Center of Belgrade, as well as through labels such as Thrill Jockey, HEM and Care Of.