Our brand-new Dolby Atmos spatial sound studio

Music tech setting up Dolby Atmos

We’re excited to announce that one of our 27 studios is now home to a newly-installed 7.1.4 speaker system (on permanent loan from ADAM Audio) and Dolby Atmos software.

The next generation of sound systems are those with spatial sound, and students from across our School for Music & Sound will now be able to use and explore this revolutionary technology. Our students can now create and mix immersive sound to a professional standard, working three-dimensionally – positioning sound and manipulating the sound space itself.

Dolby has been leading the way in this breakthrough field and the Dolby Atmos software is the industry standard. Through Atmos, Dolby is the strongest force behind bringing immersive audio to consumers, making its technology especially relevant for sound designers working within the film or gaming industry.

Musicians gearing up to stream their tracks using spatial technology on Apple or Tidal will need to do so through Dolby Atmos, and many record labels are remixing their catalogues to take advantage of spatial audio. 

We can’t wait to see how our students will use this new technology in new and exciting ways. Watch this space!

"The brand-new Dolby Atmos studio is the latest addition to our astonishing array of studios, next to four large-scale recording and production studios, a mastering suite and two ambisonic production and performance spaces. On top of the in-depth engineering experience we already offer to our students, they will now be able to dive deeper into the world of immersive sound for music and film productions."

Florian Zwietnig, Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering Programme Lead