Felipe Vareschi

Tutor, Music & Sound Design for Visual Media

Felipe Vareschi is an experimental electronic musician, performer and mastering engineer based in Berlin. Their work explores the way people interact with each other through objects, with a particular focus on the interactions between individuals, technology and nature.

Felipe Vareschi is developing a new musical language where interactions between electronics, sound objects, performers, and installation sites mimic social interactions and human-object networks. These techniques cover a broad range of approaches, including Generative Algorithmic Composition, Gestural Performance, Field Recording and Spatial Sound Installations.

Beyond the conceptual drive that motivates their sound practice, Felipe strongly believes in the unique power of sound to provoke discourse around the underlying systems that guide our everyday life. Inspired by the physical and imaginary sounds of everyday life, Felipe aims to empower listeners to value and participate in the soundscape around them and embrace the noise of interconnected life.