Aude Langlois

Tutor, Music & Sound Design for Visual Media

Aude Langlois is a sound artist, musician and sound designer from Berlin. She holds a Master's degree in Sound Studies from the Berlin University of the Arts and a degree in Music and Musicology from the Paris-Sorbonne University. Her work can be found in films, documentaries, theatre and music productions. As a performer, she plays the guitar, accordion, analogue drum machine and handcrafted noise machines through granular and delays effects to create experimental sonic textures. In her artistic research, Aude explores the connection between memory, the technical manipulation of sounds from our environment and the materiality of sound in immersive settings. Her location sound and sound design practice spans various genres (documentary, advertising, independent film)

Alongside Belinda Sykora, Aude is active in the Ekheo duo. Together they conduct artistic research into the relationship between the human voice, technology, artificial intelligence and the ethics of sound. They explore these topics through sonic-visual performances, where improvisation and adjusting to the environment play a crucial role.

Aude's contributions to various projects have been showcased at BFI Flare Festival (London), Transmediale Festival (Berlin) Gaité Lyrique (Paris), Signs and Symbols (New York), CTM Festival (Berlin), ACUD Theatre (Berlin), Festival Rio LGBTQIA+ (Rio de Janeiro), Arte (France & Germany), Sky TV (UK), Westflügel (Leipzig), Märkisches Museum (Berlin), Hosek Contemporary, Berlin, 48 hours Neukölln (Berlin), Gallery Barbara Thumm (Berlin), AMRO (Linz), Pop Kultur (Berlin).