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3D asset class in the LightRoom as part of the Visual Effects degree programme.

Our Visual Effects, Digital Arts & Animation students have full access to a curated selection of over 50 bonus online classes to further unlock their creative potential. Find out more.

If education is a passport to the future, then Visual Effects, Digital Arts & Animation education will get you there the fastest. Every day at Catalyst, we’re blown away by the skills our specialist tutors share with our students – from ways to model new realities to breathtaking effects. From the first year of study, the knowledge acquired by our students is extensive – allowing graduates to confidently enter the broad and competitive VFX industry with a honed creative mindset and blaze a trail as the next generation of artists. 

Our students’ success is in their own hands. The clue is in the name of our institution – we are only a catalyst to YOUR creative potential. Our course gives students the keys to self-learning, instilling an autonomous mindset which enables them to tread their own path in the creative and technical fields of visual effects. More importantly, these adaptable skills allow them to find out which approach best suits their style, so that they can evaluate the unique requirements of every incoming project.

360 degrees of learning

To reach the top of your game in VFX, digital arts and animation, it’s all about immersion – taking what you learnt in the classroom and building upon it, further deepening your knowledge through exploration and play. That’s why our Visual Effects students have access to over 50 online classes around every topic approached in our workshops, including membership access to Skillshare’s extended catalogue. This on-demand resource counts as yet another invaluable tool in the bottomless VFX toolbox. 

A better way to binge watch

Catalyst Berlin Visual Effects students have access to the full Skillshare library

Illustration for motion design, DSLR photography, Adobe After Effects, sculpting in ZBrush, abstract art in Cinema 4D… the list goes on. The wide selection of online classes includes complete software courses, practical tutorials, tips and tricks – so that you can broaden your skill set from multiple angles and perspectives. 

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Interested in VFX, digital arts & animation at Catalyst? Digital artist and tutor Anton Egorov recently streamed a live tutorial on 3D asset texturing using the 3D material creation software Adobe Substance Painter. Over the hour and a half-long, step-by-step, tutorial, Anton broke down how he used Substance Painter to texture the skin and metallic material of his 3D scene I’ll Just Stay at Home Today.