Get to Know Our Visionary New Visual Effects Tutors

This year, our Visual Effects teaching team burgeoned with five additional industry specialists. Meet Tamar Moshkovitz, Thiago Moyses, Paulina Greta, Anton Egorov and Ray Wassef.


Visual Effects programme lead Matthieu Schmit had big plans for VFX at Catalyst when he kicked off our cutting-edge HE Certificate and Bachelor courses in 2018. “I feel we have the opportunity to go far beyond traditional education,” he told us, “and create a playground where we can truly explore and experiment.” 

Two years later, and with five new additions to the teaching team, that playground has become more exciting than ever. Our Visual Effects tutors each approach the course from a uniquely rich experience in the industry – from character design to coding – opening up a multitude of doors to the future for our students. 

In our creativity-cultivating programme, if it can be imagined it can be put on screen. Ready to meet the faces behind the magic? Scroll down to get to know our Visual Effects tutors.

Tamar Moshkovitz

Originally from Tel Aviv, Tamar has a rich professional background as a freelance illustrator, animator, and a tutor in art and film schools. She’s worked for a huge variety of clients – including TV channels, web companies, post-production studios, magazines, book publishers, and fashion and toy designers. 

Tamar is Catalyst’s character design whizz. The most inspiring part of her role is “watching the students creating beautiful, unique and smart projects.”

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About Catalyst Berlin Visual Effects Tutor Tamar Moshkovitz

Anton Egorov

Originally from Ukraine and Israel, Anton has worked as a freelancer for over 14 years, mainly as a Generalist motion artist. He’s worked on projects big and small, from music videos and feature films to VFX art and animation. 

“The best part of my role at Catalyst is seeing my students start with zero knowledge and learn how to make their imagination come to life,” says Anton. That said, he is always super excited about what his students can teach him!

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About Catalyst Berlin Visual Effects Tutor Anton Egorov

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Thiago Moyses

Thiago, hailing from Brasilia, has worked with some of the biggest names in post-production, editing, VFX, animation, directing, scriptwriting and more. A number of his films have been selected by acclaimed film festivals.

What brought Thiago to Catalyst? “The people and the school’s philosophy,” he says. “I like the exciting approach, the passion and dedication, and how the art is appreciated. I also love the school’s commitment to its students and to training future artists, its wide view of the industry and independent projects, and its consideration of the students’ complete education – from creativity to the market.”

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About Catalyst Berlin Visual Effects Tutor Thiago Moyses

Paulina Greta

Paulina’s immersive and virtual works have been featured at international venues and multimedia festivals such as Atonal Berlin, Milan Design and Fashion Weeks, Macro (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome), and festivals in the Netherlands, Chile and Russia. Her current practice at Imaginaria and Surogaat spans installation, performance, film direction and augmented and virtual reality.

“I love to be part of a growing environment that values ideas and has a precise vision,” Paulina says about her role at Catalyst. “I teach students how to investigate new creative tools and processes through coding practice and critical thinking. I have the challenge of guiding them through newborn technologies using a narrative lens.” 

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About Catalyst Berlin Visual Effects Tutor Paulina Greta

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Ray Wassef

Before joining Catalyst as a post-production tutor to our Film Production and Visual Effects first years, Ray, from Australia, taught at universities in Sydney, Hamburg and Berlin. He also works on video and music projects as a freelancer. Ray is currently directing and shooting a series of live electronic music performances for the female* / trans / non-binary collective, Éclat Crew Berlin. He is also constantly producing beats for his own electronic music project, Ori Moto.

“What I enjoy most about my role,” Ray tells us, “is the back-and-forth between myself and students about our ways of working, our ways of thinking about our work, and those really exciting moments when one of us helps another see or understand something we didn't before.”

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About Catalyst Berlin Film Production & Visual Effects Tutor Ray Wassef

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Live VFX demo on matte painting with Anton Egorov, 19th November 2020 at Catalyst Berlin