Signals Festival 2020

16-17 October - Funkhaus, Berlin

Future Perspectives

Exploring art and technology, Signals Festival is an annual showcase of Catalyst Berlin’s creative, diverse communities. A non-profit, educational event featuring emerging and established creators for live performances, installations, screenings, workshops and dialogues on future perspectives of the film & music industries.

Taking place at Berlin’s infamous Funkhaus from 16-17 of October, 2020, we invite a limited audience to join us onsite and a wide audience to tune in online.

Below you will find the complete programme for the 2020 Signals event.

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/// Live Performances

alys | b2b Cocktail Party Effect | Doron Sadja | GOZI |

Glow After Dark | Jabrome | Malina Malina | Mizuki Ishikawa

& WeiKang Beh | Pablo Diserens | Samaquias Lorta |

Stina Francina | Tight Flowr | traumesser

Artist details

/// Installations

BIOMIMIKRY by Dry Berlin

Biowar by The Rasa

d’os et de sorts (of bones and spells) by Myriam Perrot and Jamie Thomas

Fragile Ecologies by Vito Willems, Tamás Marquetant and Robin Koek

The Networked Wind Organ by Robin Koek

The Metamorphosis Project by Deckster and Parallel Processing

> 20 kHz by Henri Falk

Installation details

/// Film Screenings

Screening #1: Adam Donald | Kamilija Tekle Cizaite | Juli Saragosa

Screening #2: Pina Brutal & Mattias Larsen | J Frisch-Wang | Kamilija Tekle Cizaite | Li Wallis

Screening #3: Cleo Spiro | Brenda Yong | Alfredo La Corte | Jayden Bailey | Grattan Aikins

Screening #4: Li Wallis | Leonardo Greco | Tatianna Peckham | Mingo Wong | Silvia Cannarozzi | Nickolas Menescal

Film details

/// Workshops

Beyond looping with Vaclav Pelousek (Bastl Instruments)

Intimacy on set with Julia Effertz

Off-centre - introduction to real-time and interactive 3D with Paulina Greta (SUROGAAT)

Workflow troubleshooting with Isabassi

Workshop details

/// Dialogues

Impact of design in music making
(in collaboration with Ableton and Amplify Berlin)

How social bias is infiltrating new media

The pandemic and the music industry
(in collaboration with Music Pool Berlin)

Building an inclusive music scene
(in collaboration with GSBTB Open Music Lab)

Dilalogue details

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