Signals Festival

/// Film Screenings

We're looking forward to sharing these film screenings during Signals Festival 2020 - at our facilities in the Funkhaus and online.

Screening #1: Docs & Mocs

15:00 - 15:30
Documentaries & mockumentaries, two of our favourite things...

For Forks Sake - Adam Donald
Where are the forks? That's what I'd Like to know.

Words for Breakfast - Kamilija Tekle Cizaite
A mockumentary commercial about the mainstream media and its impact on people.

Ofenheizung: Portrait of a Stove - Juli Saragosa
In Berlin in the year 2020, there are still homes that rely on coal stoves for heating, despite their ban in 2015 by the Federal Emission Control Ordinance. This short film is a portrait of one of those stoves, the maintenance it requires of the inhabitant of the home it’s in, and what it means for its Kiez, Kreuzberg.


Screening #2: darker side of things

15:45 - 16:30
Life isn't alway bright, so why should our stories be?

Seven Levels Deep - Pina Brutal & Mattias Larsen
A single-take thriller for the curious minded that explores the possibilities of a therapy session going deeper than intended. 

The Factory - Agostina Cerdan
A group of women imprisoned and tortured for one thing only; milk.

Longer Nights - J Frisch-Wang
As nights grow longer in the cold winter, a girl is inclined to ponder her relationship with the sky.

Egg Shell - Kamilija Tekle Cizaite
A woman travels far to meet a man who can help her find inspiration. What does a person do when they cannot find it? Should they worry? Can they ask for help? The egg has the answer.

After the End - Grattan Aikins
Two sisters try to survive after an environmental apocalypse while being attacked by a gang of crazed maniacs.

Logan's Will - Li Wallis
"It's in everyone's best interest," says Logan, a headstrong man who has rediscovered his true path in life - but is it?


Screening #3: lighter side of things

16:00 - 16:45
Explore the lighter side of life with us (but not too light...)

My Witch Roommate - Cleo Spiro
What must a young woman endure with a witch and her pet goat as a roommate?

Blue - Angel Quel
Lara's troubles come to light when she discovers that her son has once again taken a shining blue poop. 

Commando - Brenda Yong
Two friends get ready for an Arnold Schwarzenegger themed party.

Theresa's Kitchen - Alfredo La Corte
The cooking show of Theresa goes perfectly until it doesn't.

Not Olives - Jayden Bailey
Roommates set out for a jar of very special olives, meanwhile their apartment is robbed.

The Wild Hunt - Grattan Aikins
A girl is tasked by her abusive cannibal boyfriend in killing another person in order to provide him with the food he wants.


Screening #4: final days

17:00 - 17:45
Featuring some of Catalyst Film's recent graduates before they disappear into the world.

NothingMan (trailer) - Li Wallis
As residents of Berlin are gripped by paranoia caused by an unexplained virus, alliances are forged when warring entities hellbent on exploiting the environment and profiting from the unfolding disaster emerge from the shadows. 

NothingMan (crowdfunding launch) - Li Wallis
We’re a group of passionate and international storytellers who’ve joined forces in challenging times to bring a timely thriller to the web, and to sustain momentum and bring our series to its exciting conclusion, we need your help! 

Anna Schuster's Revisited Heritage - Leonardo Greco
From old to new. No Season needed.

April Does What She Wants - Tatianna Peckham
A party girl viewing herself through social media

Games Games - Mingo Wong 
Boys' fantasy goes wrong 

Farta - Silvia Cannarozzi
Theresa has documented all of her daughter Marta’s childhood on social media without considering the full consequences.

Podre de Chique (Filthy Rich) - Nickolas Menescal
Julia, a low income teen, befriends Nico at a private country club in Rio de Janeiro while at home, Julia's best friend Amanda is jealous of Julia's new life.


/// About Signals Festival

Exploring art and technology, Signals Festival is an annual showcase of Catalyst Berlin’s emerging and diverse creative communities. A non-profit, educational event with live performances, installations, screenings, workshops and in-depth dialogue