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We're excited to present the talented artists performing at Signals Festival 2020 - live from the Funkhaus and online.

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Pablo Diserens

Pablo Diserens is a field recordist, acoustic ecologist, composer and visual artist based in Berlin who engages with various topo- and phonographies with a wide range of visual and sonic recording techniques. Blending a rich variety of located sounds with texts, analogue photographs and video, Diserens' work brings the bio- and geological features of the explored environments to the foreground. The artist also composes electroacoustic sound pieces by fusing and altering an array of found sounds, objects and self-made instruments.

Pablo Diserens is also the co-founder/curator of forms of minutiae, a publishing platform that supports a plurality of projects in the field of electroacoustic music, phonography, acoustic ecology and visual art.

The Creative Production (Music) Masters alumni will present a sonic entomology by blending an array of insects' recordings with glass bottles improvisations.

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Malina Malina

The MALINA MALINA project was launched in July this year. Its members are Maja Olenderek, Lea Nieman and Michelangelo Contini (with the guest appearance of Henriette Zimmermann). The group's music is a dark take on romantic songs captured in the lo-fi aesthetics of haunted, experimental pop. 

Maja / Lea / Michelangelo

Samaquias Lorta

Samaquias Lorta presents Microcosm. This audiovisual live performance explores harmonic textures and vibrant fractals, relating the outer universe to our internal perspectives. Melodies reflect the discovery of self within a broader context, while rhythmic elements narrate our cosmic surroundings.“It's a journey to discover how our seemingly insignificant lives fit into the puzzle of existence,” he says.

The Electronic Music Production & Performance alumnus' vision is to challenge performance techniques, incorporating multimedia productions. He also aims to open a discourse on mental health and ecological thought – influenced by his background as a Mexican-American orphan.

Samaquias Lorta's nomadic lifestyle and submersion into interdisciplinary arts led him to Berlin. With a sound led by electric acoustic timbres, generative musical structures and virtuosic cello, he has participated in international events such as Eufonia Sound Art Festival, Ibero-American Plataforma Festival, and Amplify Berlin Artist Residency.



traumesser presents The Algorithmic Catastrophe.

“All catastrophes are algorithmic, even the natural ones, when we consider the universe to be governed by regular and automated laws of motion and principles of emergence.” Yuk Hui, 2015

Taking inspiration from modern theories of cybernetics and media philosophy, The Algorithmic Catastrophe aims at exploring the complexity of dynamic ecosystems and their consequent unforeseeable states by connecting together human agency and digital technologies. An elaborated network of carefully coded software and hardware devices is set in motion, opening the performance to a wide range of possible sonic outcomes, often unpredictable even to the performer himself.

traumesser (Antonino Modica) is a Berlin-based sound artist and performer from Italy. During the last few years in the German capital his research and practice shifted towards electroacoustic performance and installation work, exploring the liminal spaces between noise and tonality, extreme texture and microsound, and complex sonic ecosystems involving feedback and chaotic behaviours. He is currently undertaking an MA in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Universität der Künste in Berlin.

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Doron Sadja

Doron Sadja is an American artist, composer, educator, and instrument designer whose work explores modes of perception and the experience of sound, light, and space. Working primarily with multichannel spatialized sound – combining pristine electronics with lush romantic synthesizers, extreme frequencies, dense noise, and computer-enhanced acoustic instruments, Sadja creates post-human, hyper-emotive sonic architecture. Although each of Sadja’s works are striking in their singular and focused approach, his output is diverse: spanning everything from immersive multichannel sound pieces to sexually provocative performance / installation works, and stroboscopic smoke, mirror, laser, and projection shows.

The MA tutor Doron Sadja will present "If You Dare, Come A Little Closer". The work uses a high intensity laser that draws out the frequencies of the composition. The sounds used are designed not just for their sound, but also for their look - creating a symbiotic relationship between the visuals and the audio.

Stina Francina

Stina Francina is a producer, sound artist and DJ based in Berlin. With a background in jazz piano, she moved to Berlin three years ago and has since then gone through a wide range of roles; from releasing her tracks on labels like Ismus, STRECK, and Envelope Audio, to designing custom sounds to light installations at festivals, to founding and developing an avant garde electronic orchestra in Vienna.

Stina was playing piano with bands and jazz singers at an early age, while also listening to whatever trance and techno she could find at the time. This mixture has in present day resulted her to become a full-on, passionate synthesizer-geek mainly going in the direction of techno and trance, while still holding Monica Zetterlund as one of her main role models.

The Electronic Music Production & Performance alumni’s live set will show what she is bringing to the table as a solo artist. Showcasing her favourite hardware pieces that have been shaping her sound and creating her vision, combined with her own vocals and lyrics.

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Mizuki Ishikawa & Wei Kang Beh

Mizuki Ishikawa, the SønDER and The Akousmatik Bush

Based in Berlin, Mizuki Ishikawa is a Japanese electronic music composer and performer who sculpts textures with a modular synthesizer. Her sound floats in between dichotomies such as dry and moist, organic and plastic, nostalgic and new. In 2020, Mizuki released her first album "Silent Landscapes". In this album, her delicate and dynamic synthesizer colouring is expressed prominently. Her live performance style ranges from ultra-minimalistic clicks, to more extreme layered noise, inspired by Merzbow.

Berlin based sound artist, electroacoustic improviser and event curator, Wei Kang Beh works in revamping the relationship between sound and space, action and perception in open and close environment. Stimulated by avant-garde approaches within contemporary art, natural science archaeoacoustics and physical phenomenon, his work explores the intersection of human’s perception, behaviour, expression and environment. Resulting in works in site-specific sound sculpture, spatial installation, self-crafted instrument and performance.


Glow After Dark

Glow After Dark are an indie-dub music duo consisting of singer-songwriter Doroteja and beatboxer Cardosaurus. After meeting in Catalyst (formerly known as dBs Berlin) and falling in love, the couple soon discovered that they enjoyed playing together, creating a quirky, yet promising blend of their two unique music backgrounds - dance/dub and indie. Having both dealt with darkness in their lives, the duo found new ways of being through their journey together, eventually giving birth to Glow After Dark - a music project which aims to share all that they’ve learned with the rest of the world.

An energetic blend of indie and dub, Glow After Dark bring a spicy new sound to the stage with their catchy melodies and groovy beats. They will be presenting the songs of their upcoming album "Round and In Me", which they are currently recording at the Funkhaus.

Tight Flowr

Echoes of teenage angst reverberate against the brick walls of adult apathy. Tight Flowr's music is a bow to the intricacies of the human connection and an invitation to simply listen for awhile.

At Signals Festival 2020, Tight Flowr will perform her latest EP 'GOTP,' as well as some previously unheard material. As mean guitar riffs intertwine with scattering beats and textured landscapes, her voice will guide you through the organised chaos. Her productions are as much kinetic paintings as they are pop songs, creating space for both escapism and reflection, screaming physical excitement and sensual drifting.


Referring to his work as “Cyberpunk R&B” London born singer-songwriter and producer Gozi’s music pushes the boundaries of what can be considered pop music, fusing bright upbeat melodies with abrasive production and deeply personal lyrics. Emboldened by his experiences as a queer man of colour, Gozi’s work is aimed at queer teenagers, especially queer teenagers of colour; to uplift, support and inspire them; to show them that their experience matters. His current muses are Korean Boybands, Charli XCX’s workflow, deep colours, ASMR, the coming corporation war and his phone.

Gozi will be giving a live solo performance of tracks from his upcoming debut EP 'CONTENT.'


Jérôme and Gabriele are childhood friends and partners in crime, who have played in clubs across Switzerland and Berlin – most notably Sisyphos and Burg-Schnabel. In 2020, they released two EPs, 'Arth EP', on Tiefdruckgebeat, and 'Carbon,' on their newborn label and artist collective 'Fishnet.' The pair also host the monthly electronic music show 'Mysteries of the Cosmos' on Catalyst's Etikett Radio channel.

Jabrome will present a hybrid live-DJ set taking you on a journey through breakbeat, techno and leftfield bass.


alys B2B Cocktail Party Effect

“The uncharted chaos of the mind is the (non)foundation of her sound.” Sharing a passion for all things experimental, DJ-producers alys and Cocktail Party Effect present a buoyant B2B set.

Alys is a member of the Hölle and Dry Agency collectives and has joined her Electronic Music Production & Performance tutor's veteran ranks to recently perform at such Berlin clubbing institutions as Tresor and Griessmuehle. We can't wait to see how their performance unfolds.

Soundcloud alys / Soundcloud CPE

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