We Relive 2 Days of Unbound Creativity at Signals Festival 2020

Stina Francina performance at Signals Festival 2020 at Catalyst Berlin | Photo by Ian Dunham

Signals Festival, our annual community showcase, took place on the 16th and 17th of October at Catalyst’s Funkhaus campus. Revisit the experience thanks to our event photographers Frankie Casillo, Dico Baskoro and Ian Dunham.

This year, Signals Festival wasn’t just a showcase event for the up-and-coming artists in our international community. Nor was it simply a real-world course assessment for our performance students, as it started out originally. In this unprecedented time, when Berlin’s clubs, galleries and other cultural venues have been reduced to ghost towns, when keeping each other at arm’s length is the new normal, Signals Festival 2020 was a triumph of unbound creativity over all. 

Our annual showcase of the work of our extraordinary music, film, acting and VFX students, alumni and tutors has always looked towards the future – what are the next generation of creatives making today that will impact the way we experience tomorrow? On the 16th and 17th of October, however – in the twilight of a reality-shifting year – the tomorrow had more weight than ever. 

Despite ever-changing Corona restrictions, Signals Festival co-organisers Hannah Deans and Suzana Benesova succeeded in creating a safe and stimulating space for electronic music performers, sound and video artists, filmmakers, workshop leaders and panellists. The result, against all odds, was as much an extravaganza for the senses as it was for community spirit. A big thank you to all who were part of it!

Join us below as we relive all of the colourful memories, thanks to the photography of Frankie Casillo, Dico Baskoro and Ian Dunham. You can also revisit all of the panel discussions and live streams via the Signals Festival Facebook page.

Photos by Frankie Casillo

Photos by Dico Baskoro

Photos by Ian Dunham