Subheim Performs Live at the Funkhaus For Studio Sessions

Berlin-based ambient/downtempo music maker Subheim performs live at the Funkhaus for Catalyst's (formerly dBs Berlin) Studio Sessions video series.

We continue our series of live performances from the Funkhaus with this fourth edition. These private concerts were recorded and shot by dBs Berlin [now Catalyst] students and staff in the stunning Saal 1. For this round: one video with three tracks. Please enjoy Subheim.

When Subheim came in to do a live session with us, we didn’t know we were getting an exclusive listen of an unreleased track. But for his fans, mystery just feeds into his ephemeral presence and sound.

Subheim’s performance consisted of three tracks played one after the other. The last two songs are found on his third album Foray (2015). Reviews of the intricately crafted LP have said everything from ‘agonising‘ to ‘sound wizardry,’ all in the best possible ways.

However, the first track he played for dBs Berlin [now Catalyst] is not yet available. Entitled Trails, it is expected to be out sometime later this year.

It’s always great to see a well-executed combination of electronic and acoustic inputs. We really enjoyed watching him build his soundscapes and being moved by his music.

Studio Sessions

Directed, filmed and post-produced by our alumni/student filmmaking crew