Pop Artist Gozi Performs Live For Studio Sessions

Catalyst Berlin Electronic Music Production & Performance student Rowan Edwards, aka Gozi, performs live for Studio Sessions with fellow students Ricarda Fischer and Telio Garfive

Catalyst's (formerly dBs Berlin) latest episode of Studio Sessions features singer-songwriter and Electronic Music Production & Performance Bachelor student Rowan Edwards, aka Gozi. Watch the performance and go behind the scenes.

Talent, passion, charisma, image and authenticity. Possess all of these qualities as an aspiring pop star and you’ve already won half of the battle. But, no matter how explosive your creative energy, you won’t make it to the big leagues if you’re an unguided missile. Electronic Music Production & Performance Bachelor student Rowan Edwards, aka Gozi, found out the hard way, after two years of “stumbling around in the dark” trying to find the right direction for his singing, songwriting and music production. He finally made the decision to hone his craft through three years at Catalyst – and he hasn’t looked back since!

Now at the end of his intensive degree – having brought so much to our school’s community – it felt only fitting that Gozi would go out with a bang. Delivering super-smooth vocals, catchy lyrics, vibing beats and a whole load of attitude, Gozi is the latest to perform for Studio Sessions. We can’t wait to see where his skill and dedication take him next!

Special mention to the backing vocalist and guitarist, fellow EMP Bachelor student Ricarda Fischer, and the drummer, Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering Bachelor student Telio Garfive, who made Gozi’s live set dreams a reality.

Watch their performance of banging new tracks ‘Time X Time’ and ‘Backseat Driving’ below, and scroll down to watch our interview.

Studio Sessions

Behind the scenes

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Meet the sound engineer

Go behind the scenes of this Studio Sessions performance to meet the Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering student who recorded the audio: Emma Nyden.

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Catalyst Berlin Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering student Emma Nyden recording a live Studio Session by pop artist Gozi