Get to Know Multifaceted Film Production Tutor Jon-Carlos Evans

We interview filmmaker, musician and Catalyst Film Production tutor Jon-Carlos Evans.

What makes a great filmmaker? A filmmaker who can put themselves in their crewmates’ shoes. It figures; if you have first-hand experience of each department, not only does teamwork run smoother, but it makes you a better storyteller, too. That’s why trying on different roles – whether that’s director, producer, writer, DOP, lights, sound or camera – is integral to our learn-by-doing study at Catalyst.

Film Production tutor Jon-Carlos Evans, who joined us at the start of the semester, undoubtedly found a second home. To maximise his potential, the multitalented filmmaker and musician has tried out many different on-set roles throughout his career. As a result, his repertoire of skills and portfolio of projects are impressively diverse.

Mentoring Catalyst’s bright creative minds is the latest pursuit to spark his passion and interest. Keen to get to know him better, we caught up with Jon-Carlos to find out what brought him here.

About Catalyst Berlin Film Production MA Lead Jon Carlos-Evans

“I have worked in almost every position on a film set professionally (except hair and make-up) in order to become a more understanding, creative, and diplomatic director.”

Welcome! What are you doing at Catalyst?

Thank you! I am working in the Film Production department. I am leading courses on Screenwriting, Production & Industry and Cinematography.

What were you doing before you came to Catalyst?

Before I came to Catalyst, I was a professional multitasker. Of course, nothing has changed since my joining Catalyst. I run a creator-owned production company. I produce video content for various corporate, institutional, and creative brands and individuals. Since completing my film education in 2006 and 2009, I have worked on music videos, feature films, television, and non-commercial work.

I knew that I wanted to become a filmmaker when I was 14, so I have worked in almost every position on a film set professionally (except hair and make-up) in order to become a more understanding, creative, and diplomatic director. I also curate events for audiovisual performances and experimental electronic music that coincide with my net label GLITCH, a subsidiary of my production company. At the moment, I am finalising a double audiovisual album and immersive performance in conjunction with New York City’s Harvestworks Media Center and Stockholm’s Elektronmusikstudion. I am also in the development stages of my next feature film.

Filmmaker, musician and Catalyst Berlin Film Production tutor Jon-Carlos Evans

“There are more smiles per capita in Catalyst than the entirety of Brandenburg and Berlin.”

Why us?

I chose Catalyst because as both a filmmaker and musician, the passion and enthusiasm of the students are both palpable and contagious. There are more smiles per capita in Catalyst than the entirety of Brandenburg and Berlin. For me, this is testament to the passion of not only the students, but the staff and tutors as well. The structure, environment, and community of studying artists here is a fantastic microcosm of the social, cultural, and technological – not only of Berlin, but the entire world. Our daily actions inform both the present and the future. So, for me, Catalyst allows me to contribute the growth and development of students who I view more as “peers in training,” rather than students.

What impact do you hope to have at the school this year?

This year, I hope to inspire and challenge the student filmmakers to first look within, and then without, for the inspiration and determination necessary to not only finish their projects, but to also continue the momentum that will lead them into their chosen careers.

What do you recommend we watch, see or listen to this weekend?

I recommend all creatives to watch the documentary They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead and the film The Other Side of the Wind. The documentary reveals the four-decade battle of Orson Welles, and his collaborators following his death, to complete a revolutionary film. For me, the film is an excellent reminder to all artists, no matter how lauded or accepted, that perseverance and taking chances, are the only guarantees of success….even after death.

Keep up with Jon-Carlos Evans’ work via the following links: Instagram, Perfect Entropy, ReVerse Bullets, Black Nerd Problems.

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