Florian Zwietnig

Programme Lead, Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering

In addition to being the programme lead for our Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering Bachelor degree, Florian has a Masters in psychology and over 20 years of experience working as a musician and producer. His band Mediengruppe Telekommander had an 11-year career before disbanding in 2012. They released five albums on labels like Mute, EMI, and Staatsakt, and together, the duo performed at more than 450 shows.

When he’s not tutoring, Florian is an active member of the band UMA and also has a passion for working as an engineer and producer for other musical projects. Alongside this, he recently co-wrote the score for the documentary film Tickled (2015) with former Catalyst colleague, Rodi Kirckaldy. Florian and his wife also run the company Oogum Boogum, composing audio pieces on commission.

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