Watch These Videos to Discover Our Creative Music Production Masters Programme

Thinking about studying our hyper-flexible, practice-based Creative Music Production Masters degree? From the unique approach of the course to the dynamic learning environment, find out more in these two short videos.

Are you ready to look at music production in a whole new light? To explore new ground, innovate and extend your own boundaries? To take everything you already are and forge it into everything you want to become? Our hyper-flexible Creative Music Production Masters course is perfect for musicians who want to go deep into their art through practice-based research and self-directed learning.

In the one- or two-year programme, you’ll explore, develop and magnify your capabilities, whilst building and enhancing your industry profile. You’ll dive deep into your chosen specialism and refine your creative vision. Plus, you’ll receive valuable mentorship from industry experts.

Most importantly, you’ll understand the why behind everything you do, preparing you for the exciting next chapter of your career.

Feeling inspired? Learn more about the unique approach of the course and the dynamic learning environment of our school in the following videos.

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Curious about our Creative Production Masters Degree programme?

Programme lead Richard Scott breaks down the unique approach of our music production masters.

Studying a Creative Production Masters degree at Catalyst

Creative Music Production MA tutor Doron Sadja talks about why Catalyst is the perfect environment to boldly explore new directions as an artist.

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