Ready your walkmans! Catalyst Cassette Volume One is out now

Catalyst Cassette Volume One | Standout student tracks from 2021, an unprecedented year of music production at Catalyst Berlin

The second edition of our collectible cassette series, Volume One, documenting an unprecedented year of music production at Catalyst, is out now. Check out the featured student artists and learn more about their tracks. 

If you didn’t own a walkman last year when we released Volume Zero of our Catalyst cassette compilation, we’re betting that you – or one of your friends – does now. Though it seemed the world was ending for the humble cassette tape at the turn of the millennium, 20 years later, the nostalgic medium has made a surprising comeback. The pandemic definitely had something to do with it – and not only because the time stuck inside had us digging through our attics. Back in 2019, cassettes were just trendy. In 2020 and 2021, the compact collectibles allowed artists to delight their fans with something tangible and profitable while gigs and concerts were a no-go.

This summer, as the popularity of the cassette continues to soar, and as Berlin baby-steps back to normality, we’re excited to unmask the second edition of our own collectible series: Volume One. While the inaugural Volume Zero celebrated our school’s transition from dBs Berlin to Catalyst, Volume One documents an unprecedented year of music production. Whether you choose to load it into your tape deck or listen online, this remarkable and eclectic selection of tracks created by our students during the pandemic will fill your ears with the sound of creative triumph. 

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You can get your hands on Catalyst Cassette Volume One at our Funkhaus campus. Or, if you’d like to ‘collect’ this edition among your liked SoundCloud tracks, listen to the compilation in full above. Want to dig further? Scroll down to browse the featured artists and to learn more about their tracks. 

Side A

Side B

Mastering and artwork