Press play on our inaugural Catalyst cassette compilation 

Catalyst Cassette Volume Zero | Catalyst Berlin

You can now listen to the entire Catalyst Volume Zero cassette compilation on SoundCloud. Here’s our breakdown of all of the music alumni and students to feature on the inaugural edition.

Nothing quite compares to the clunk of a cassette tape, or the sheer nostalgia of the medium in the fleeting age of digital. Catalyst’s resident audiophiles are still playing with them! That’s why, in September, we decided to launch our own collectible cassette series, showcasing a curated, multi-genre selection of the very best tracks by the musical talents catalysed at our school. The inaugural edition, Volume Zero, celebrates our transition from dBs Berlin to Catalyst, featuring diverse alumni tracks – and two bonus tracks by current students – dating all the way back to our creative community’s early days.

Amazing, right? Unless, of course, you don’t own a walkman or an old stereo. If that’s you and you would still like to ‘collect’ the compilation among your liked tracks, we’ve got some great news: we’ve just released the full audio on our SoundCloud! Listen below, and scroll down, to see the full roster of artists. 

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Side B

Mastering and artwork