Noise Rock Band Palm Squirrel Perform Live For Studio Sessions

Noise rock band of Catalyst Berlin music and film techs, Palm Squirrel, perform live for Studio Sessions

Catalyst's (formerly dBs Berlin) latest episode of Studio Sessions features noise rock band Palm Squirrel. Two of the trio met as Catalyst tech staff. Watch the performance and go behind the scenes.

Catalyst isn’t just a school. From students to staff, it’s a thriving community where creatives connect and collaborate. Music tech Mathew Johnson and film tech Jason Gold used to share an office. And though Jason hadn’t touched his bass guitar in years, the new connection reignited his passion. “I think there’s something about the creative process that’s cherished here,” he says. It wasn’t long until he joined frontman Mathew and drummer Paul Laburre to form noise rock band Palm Squirrel.

In our latest episode of Studio Sessions, the ‘rock ‘n’ roll, but have fun with it’ band performs tracks ‘Kevin,’ ‘Interlude’ and ‘US Girls,’ from their upcoming EP. Catch the EP release at Baby Satan Records’ birthday party at Urban Spree on Thursday the 21st of March. Before the trio die in a plane crash and go down in history as musical legends (their words, not ours), watch their electrifying performance below. Then scroll down for the behind-the-scenes interview.

Studio Sessions

Behind the scenes

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Meet the sound engineer

Go behind the scenes of this Studio Sessions performance to meet the Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering student who recorded the audio: Stefan Greve.

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Catalyst Berlin Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering student Stefan Greve recording a live Studio Session by noise rock band Palm Squirrel