King Dude Perform Live at the Funkhaus For Studio Sessions

King Dude is the dark neo-folk project of TJ Cowgill. Watch them perform three songs live at the Funkhaus for Catalyst's (formerly dBs Berlin) Studio Sessions series.

Introducing a new series where staff and students of dBs Berlin [now Catalyst] record and produce a short production involving live bands! Located in the incredible Saal 1 at the Funkhaus, this is a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved. Our premier features King Dude.

The first three episodes focus on the band King Dude who come from Seattle, Washington in the United States. Made up of TJ Cowgill along with Tosten Larson and August Johnson, their self-described genre is ‘Luciferian’ which matches the title of this first track quite nicely.

The group has been featured on labels such as Dais, Avant!, Bathetic, Clan Destine, Ván and Not Just Religious Music.

It’s easy to hear the varied influences in the songwriting. Encompassing styles of British Folk, Americana, Country and Blues, even some formidable sounds from Heavy Metal sneak in.

It was a supreme pleasure to hear these guys play and a big thank you goes out to everyone involved! We can’t wait to share the next round of videos with you all soon.

Studio Sessions

Directed, filmed and post-produced by our alumni/student filmmaking crew