Music Student Samaquias Lorta on New Performance Initiative The Milkshake Sessions

Posted on 12/10/2018 in Student work

Electronic Music Production & Performance student Samaquias Lorta writes about new student-run music performance event The Milkshake Sessions.

Performers tend to create an atmosphere around them that drives and leads others to follow. Catalyst’s Electronic Music Production & Performance students, who focus on electronic performance combined with stage aesthetic, have done just that. Recently, we gathered our minds to create a bi-weekly opportunity to showcase our material in front of our peers. Pierre Guilloux pitched the project to Catalyst staff, and after having The Milkshake Sessions approved, the event had a thrilling and eclectic kick-off.

Last week, I started off the evening with a haunting and ethereal set. For a spiritual experience, I layered electric cello over field recordings, FM synthesis, and seaboard rise. Mateusz Augustyn followed, effortlessly creating beats with a variety of effect improvisation and freestyle rap. Then came Dani Yang, with smooth melodic lines, high quality sound-designed clips, and quick knob manipulation that moved through lo-fi to ambient to breakbeat. In a heart-pounding set that rattled the stage floor, Elliot Jensen combined modular synthesizers and tape loops; a worthy demonstration of the synthesis tools learned at dBs Berlin. Pierre Guilloux, on the Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer, collaborated with drum and bass producer Samthing. Invigorated, we felt like either hitting the studio or the clubs.

There are several orchestral music programs worldwide that require performance majors to stand in front of their peers – sometimes up to twice a week – and practice what they are studying. dBs Berlin now offers the same performance opportunity. Electronic musicians have plenty of stage hurdles. Not only do they experience performance anxiety, adrenaline rushes and memory lapses, but the “tech rider” side of things. Wiring, power supply, CPU usage, visual projections, and analog gear can and will fail, even for the most prepared virtuosic musicians.

“The Milkshake Sessions provides the perfect opportunity to fail, succeed, laugh and engage with other classes. As a result, we all grow creatively as a musical community.”

First year Electronic Music Production & Performance students spend their second semester preparing for an end-of-year final performance. Within a 15-minute slot, they have to set up, tear down and create an enriching experience for a graded module assessment – all with the peer pressure of fellow students as the audience. Now, instead of waiting to the end of the year to potentially set up incorrectly or experience stage fright for the first time, The Milkshake Sessions provides the perfect opportunity to fail, succeed, laugh and engage with other classes. As a result, we all grow creatively as a musical community.

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