Help Inspiring Musician Samaquias Lorta Achieve His Catalyst Dreams

Catalyst Berlin Electronic Music Production & Performance student Samaquias Lorta

Electronic Music Production & Performance Bachelor student Samaquias Lorta has got big plans for the future. Let’s help him fund them! 

Who’s up for a riddle?

It speaks to you without a voice. It’s a shoulder to cry on, yet it can’t be touched. It’s a refuge that can’t be entered. It can lead you through the darkness without a light. What is it?


Never underestimate the power of music – not simply to entertain and spread joy, but to guide and to heal. Samaquias Lorta and music go back longer than most friends. Their story began in his Idahoan home town of Caldwell at age ten with an unstoppable passion for cello – a passion that grew stronger and broader even amidst the devastation of childhood trauma and the hardships of growing up in poverty.

Performing cello, choreographing shows and producing electronic music, Samaquias’ talent for the performing arts eventually led him to the thriving cultural hub of Berlin, where he joined us to study Electronic Music Production & Performance.

However, his story is not yet a happily-ever-after. Samaquias is currently crowdfunding continued study at Catalyst, so that he can go on to achieve his dream of making the world a better place with his music. With just eight days left of the campaign, he hopes to reach his minimum goal of $2,500 to finish the school year. But at just over half way, he needs your help!

Watch the video below to hear more about his super-inspiring journey, head to Hatchfund to donate, and don’t forget to share his campaign.

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