Watch Our Mini Documentary on Kling Klong Records

The second instalment of Catalyst's (formerly dBs Berlin) Hear It? series features a mini documentary on Kling Klong Records, plus a video on the label's AMEK desk.

There’s no shortage of content that reports on the rise of musical groups or individual performers. But what about the organisations that support them along the way? In response, we created a mini-documentary series called ‘Hear It?’ where we will focus on a few record labels in Berlin. Each one has had significant impacts on the electronic music scene and experienced huge growth within the past decade. Our second episode features Kling Klong Records.

A small company that has experienced nothing but growth in Berlin, the Kling Klong Records staff is composed of people who are dedicated to the project for the long haul. From the start, they have had to expand to meet the demands for high quality recording studios here in Berlin. In addition, they have also begun providing services like master classes and helping publishing work.

In this first short video, hear the founder Martin Eyerer tell us about one of their most prised pieces of equipment – their AMEK desk. As it is now completely refurbished, it is an exceptional tool at their disposal.

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Alongside his original business partner, Martin is celebrating 11 years of running Kling Klong this year! In that time they have had more than 100 releases of albums including works from Nicole Moudaber, Oliver Koletzki, Jay Lumen and Ninetoes. You can hear Ninetoes in the mini-doc features speak about how Kling Klong helped him release his 2013 hit record Finder.

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Having their label in Berlin has influences not only their business model, but Martin personally as an artist. He says himself that many of their releases can be considered ‘timeless’ and to be able to still find them interesting years later is certainly something to be proud of.

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