We Celebrate Our Students’ Meteoric Rise at Graduation 2019

A collection of memories from our 2019 graduation ceremony.

As Catalyst is not just a school, the creative minds who join us for one to three years of their lives are never simply students. We see our community as a playground of mutual exploration and transformation. So, as our amazing alumni will testify, graduation is never a mere goodbye. Nor is it just a celebration or a warm opportunity for reflection – although that part is really nice. It’s the exact time and place when classmates become colleagues, past collaborators become future teammates, and creative careers begin an exciting new chapter.

Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering graduate Anita Wenglorz allowed us to share some of her heart-warming speech from the day. “I have to say that here at dBs Berlin [now Catalyst], I met some of the most supportive and inspiring people that I have ever met in my life… we come from different backgrounds, we have different habits, senses of humour, but I feel like we’ve learnt so much from each other. I think it’s been a bit hard for many of us (and very brave of us) that we moved to a new country – many of us without speaking German – to follow something that we believed in…”

“I definitely have to mention our tutors and say a big thank you for helping us to grow. It must be difficult to be a teacher in a school like dBs Berlin [now Catalyst], with a lot of very artistic and sensitive people. It requires a lot of skills, understanding and kindness to help us grow not only as students but also as people… There was a lot of learning through practice and not just theory and that’s very important. Most importantly, you made it feel like home for many of us and dBs Berlin [now Catalyst] kind of is like a little family. It’s been to me at least.”

To all of this year’s graduates, we wish you the greatest success in the next part of your journey. We’re sure we’ll see you again!