We Celebrate Our Students’ Success at Graduation 2018

A collection of memories from our 2018 graduation ceremony, photographed by Lemia Bodden.

2018... Ooooof! What an emotional, ecstatic, energising, exuberant event! Of course, we’re talking about Graduation 2018, which took place on the auspicious Saturday afternoon of the 20th of October. There were tears (mostly because we’ve become way too attached to our students); there were ear-to-ear grins beaming from students to staff to friends and family; and there were a whole load of well-deserved cheers. Oh, and gowns and caps; so many gowns and caps.

The day was a triumphant celebration of our talented music, film and acting students, who came, saw, created and grew their greatness. It was simultaneously the end of a chapter and the beginning of an exciting new one. Proof that if you can dream it, you can become it.

Graduation 2018 was also the day when classmates became future colleagues. When asked to share the best part of her dBs Berlin [now Catalyst] experience, Shannon-Eve Bower, who graduated from Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering, replied, “The great opportunity to meet people from all over the world.” “It allowed me to learn about understanding and working with different cultures, and gave me a network of friends and artists all over the world that I can keep for life.”

A huge thanks goes out to our events and student experience lead Hannah Deans, who organised the unforgettable occasion. As school director David Puttick put it, “It was easily the best event we’ve held, yet with a deep well of positivity out there in the hall.”

To our awesome alumni, we wish you all the best for what is bound to be a bright, bright future.