Etikett Radio 2022: The Lowdown on a Huge Year to Come

Catalyst Berlin Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering student  and Etikett Radio host Daniel Ospina. Behind the scenes of Film Production student Sidney Mandros short film. Photo by Dico Baskoro

Over 30 live shows, DJs, podcasts, ASMR and live streams, not to mention collabs with local collectives. This year is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet for our community-run radio station, Etikett Radio. Here’s our 2022 show line-up.

Etikett Radio’s eighth year on air promises to be one of the biggest and most diverse yet. This week, a fresh roster of Catalyst students, alumni and staff began broadcasting live from our steeped-in-radio-history Funkhaus location and beyond. Our community-run platform is all about expression, experimentation and evolution. This year, these closely held values are fuelling over 30 shows, including 24 DJ shows, seven podcasts, two remote international shows, one ASMR show and one live performance show. And that’s not all: prepare for regular Twitch streams, student showcases, online events and major collaborations with local collectives like Field Conspiracy, CTM Vorspiel and Threads Radio

Ready to join us on a journey of creative discovery? Check out the full 2022 show line-up below.


Host: Fabíola 

Description: Fabs ASMR is vocalist, sculptor and performer Fabíola’s platform for her multidisciplinary creations, with a presence in the improvised and experimental music scene of Berlin.

Genre: Live-streamed performance art, noise, improv music, improv play, avantgarde and ASMR.

Follow the show page and characters: Sister Clara, Dr Fabi, The Space Nuns

fabs ASMR, radio show on Etikett Radio


Host: Samuel (Hsin) Hwang aka SHAW

Description: Monthly DJ mix presentation of Taiwan-born, America-raised, DJ and producer SHAW’s productions.

Genre: tech house, house, bass house, G-house, industrial tech, electro house, chilled house, deep house

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Attitude, Etikett Radio show hosted by Host: Samuel (Hsin) Hwang aka SHAW

avast selection

Host: Poppe aka DJ Whaletail

Description: Every show, DJ Whaletail invites a guest DJ to play tunes they love, for their own set and/or to play B2B. Dancefloor-oriented, but great for home listening. Unencumbered by genre boxes.

Genre: house, techno, acid, dub techno, disco

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Avast Selection, Etikett Radio show hosted by DJ Whaletail


Host: Saif Abu-Fraiha aka DJ SAFSUFA

Description: A music and interview show focusing on queer and female artists from the MENA region.

Genre: Arab beats between house, hip-hop, indie and techno 

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Signals Festival 2021 by Rita Couto

Creatures Corner

Host: Ellyssa Marie Del Maestro aka Creatura

Description: Sharing real-life stories about creativity and art. How music can be a gateway to healing oneself and the earth, through self expression and connecting to listeners on a personal level. How experience can be transmuted into a variety of passions and creative outlets, and through transmutation we are able to progress into a new way of being. And of course, to share music from around the world and support new artists.

Genre: ambient, minimal techno, house, hip hop, dub, bass, experimental, soul, funk, international, independant, contemporary, alternative. 

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Creatures Corner, Etikett Radio show hosted by Creatura


Host: Suzana Benesova (staff)

Description: 1-hour closing set

Genre: I don’t do genres

About Catalyst Berlin People Team Lead and Signals Festival Co-Creator Suzana Benesova

Dios Tia

Host: Teodora Georgijevic aka Hysterical Hera

Description: As Hera howls the drums keep on drumming deep below the surface. Dark and stormy sets with some light melodies to lighten the mood. A monthly show of playing and trying out new things. 

Genre: Bass, Techno, House, Experimental Electronica, Drum and Bass, Folk music from: the Balkans, Latin America and Scandinavia, Grime, Dub, UK Garage, Ambient, Rap, Breakbeat

Dios Tia, Etikett Radio show by Hysterical Hera

Ecce Homo

Host: Pier Giorgio 

Description: A podcast inviting the artists to talk about their life philosophy and how it forms their creations.

Genre: Music, arts, talk show

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Ecce Homo, Etikett Radio show hosted by Pier Giorgio


Host: Hannah Widerberg Fisher (alumni) aka FISK

Description: DJ mix and discussion, focusing on different genres, regions and subcultures of music. 

Genre: House, breaks, techno, jungle, dnb, experimental, electro, jazz, ambient, pop, etc. 

Fischteller, Etikett Radio show by

Hour Bass

Host: Frankie B

Description: An energetic one-hour live set filled with the best songs of the month, including Catalyst students. Bass is the main protagonist. 

Genre: tech house, techno, bass house, house, drum & bass, dubstep, deep house, dance

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Hour Bass, Etikett Radio show, hosted by Frankie B

Imaginary Soundtracks From Outta Space 

Host: Adi Kum (staff) aka Dane Joe, founder of Baby Satan Records 

Description: A back-to-back DJ set, hosting different musicians from Berlin. Each show will be dedicated to a film/director/cinematic movement, curating a soundtrack in their vibe. 

Genre: Mostly rock ‘n’ roll, country, blues and psychedelic music, ambient, electronic, underground hip hop and random weird stuff 

About Catalyst Berlin Music Technician Adi Kum

jouska cuts

Host: Aslan Gürün aka Mâi

Description: Dancey DJ sets with Turkish/Middle-Eastern flavour

Genre: Indie dance, techno, downtempo

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jouska cuts, etikett radio show hosted by Aslan Gürün aka Mâi


Host: Marco Timossi (alumni) aka Vactrøl

Description:  An exploration without boundaries into the realm of noise and beats.

Broadcasting live from Copenhagen, Denmark, [KK77] showcases tracks ranging from Electro to Techno, from Ambient to Broken Beats, creating dense soundscapes which overflow into tension and perdition

Genre: Techno, IDM, Breakbeat, Ambient

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KK77, Etikett Radio show hosted by Vactrøl

No Boundaries!

Host: Paris Tutera Kyriakopoulos aka The Lazy Eye

Description: A no-boundaries music show with a host that clearly needs ‘em! As an homage to classic radio shows, every episode takes a deep dive into different musical genres, movements, events or artists. Sometimes with some sauce on the side!

Genre: experimental electronic, electro, electronica, instrumental, soundtracks, trip hop, hip hop, afrobeat, jazz, indie, etc

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No Boundaries! Etikett Radio show by Paris Tutera Kyriakopoulos aka The Lazy Eye


Host: Jaime Mancha aka Renkore

Description: Two hours playing old and new techno music from selected artists, in all formats (alone, B2B, live, etc)

Genre: techno, IDM, electro

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MEYGA, Etikett Radio show hosted by Renkore

Mister Bloo's Magick Hour

Host: Alex Peñate aka Mister Bloo

Description: Hour-long mixes of crate digging Electronic music found in the digital domain. Curated by Mister Bloo.  

Genre: Electronica, Tech House, Bass Music 

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Mister Bloo's Magick Hour, Etikett Radio show

OM: Back On Track

Host: Daniel Ospina aka OM 

Description: “We’ve lost dancing” and many other things during these trying times. It feels strange to be experiencing a collective endeavor as complex as this pandemic, and with the Alltag turning to the new abnormal there is a sense of urgency, a poignant return to the source of all things, life. I personally feel as if mine had been playing like a record and the needle was lifted and frozen in time for a year, now it has suddenly dropped again and we must embrace the groove, cause strictly speaking “[We’re] still on track”.

Genre: techno, electronica, alternative, house, acid

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OM: Back On Track, Etikett Radio show

Omnia Extares

Host: Elliot Jensen (alumni) aka Elliot Duke 

Description: Kick back, relax, let ya body sway. Take off ya pants and exclaim “hooray!” Creep in ya ears, commandeer ya mind. Each damn show is one-of-a-kind. Every type of sound that the world possesses. Smokin hot DJ rockin a dress. Omnia Extares is what it’s about— (that’s Latin for “Let it all hang out”)

Genre: Electronic, hip-hop, rock, world music

Omnia Extares, Etikett Radio show hosted by Elliot Duke


Host: Arjun Subhash aka Telekkast

Description: A one hour mixtape series where I play music mostly from various sub genres of house and techno. Think deep, groovy, dark, dance, trippy, club and fun. Tune into my sounds and tune out the rest of the world. ;)

Genre: house, techno, indie dance and occasionally, electro and EBM

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Telekkinesis, Etikett Radio show hosted by Arjun Subhash

The DBD Show

Host: Colette McIsaac aka Colette

Description: We all have our moments. Regrettable, questionable moments. Whatever we chalk it up as, sometimes our actions are unexplainable. You could be suffering from Dumb B1tch D1sease. It's chronic, it's lifelong, and fatiguing. The DBD show aims to find relief, spread the word, and offer ways to manage the debilitating side effects of chronic DBD. Every episode, a guest will sit in to talk DBD, play games, and fall into strange internet holes.The DBD show is to take on our damaged internet brains, life in Berlin, life in a creative industry, and whatever else might arise. 

Genre: Self Help, Podcast 

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The DBD Show, Etikett Radio show hosted by colette

Tumble Down Dazed

Host: Tamas (staff) aka Marquetant

Description: perfect world | shake faster | Big Bud | functional loneliness | mental overdrive | crysys | Unknown Force | beyond | dream | heart | feeling u | Way U Smile | Primeval

Genre: electronic, ambient, dub, bass, drum & bass, jungle, ragga, dubstep, void, folk, field recordings, soundscape

Tumble Down Dazed, Etikett Radio show hosted by Marquetant


Host: Melissa Morrigan

Description: A music, film and arts talk show about (intersectional) feminist issues, focusing on – but not limited to – women in the arts, with guests speaking of their experience and discussing the changing topics. While touching on serious issues, a lighthearted, fun show, playing music by female/queer/poc artists in between talk segments.

Genre: hiphop, indie, alternative, soul

Unbecoming, Etikett Radio show hosted by Melissa Morrigan


Host: Sébastien Huet (alumni) aka B-gano

Description: A musical journey through time and space featuring musicians from around the world from the past 5 decades. Each show is dedicated to one artist. Launched in 2017, this is the longest-running Etikett Radio show! 

Genre: Anything electronic, mainly House and Techno but always eclectic

WANDERLUST, Etikett Radio show hosted by Host: Sébastien Huet aka B-gano

WTF Peoplz!

Hosts: Merlina & Dani

Description: Discussing societal issues such as politics, religion, as well as our inner and outer selves. Every week, there will be a new topic, plus related music.

Genre: Talk and music show

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WTF Peoplz! Etikett Radio show hosted by Merlina & Dani
Confessions of a Cinephile 

Host: Abi Hutchinson

Description: Confessions of a Cinephile is the podcast for the opinionated moviegoer. Your monthly deep-dive into the classics, the obscure, and sometimes the popular sh*t with the peanut gallery — yours truly, Abi, and some of my lovely friends. This podcast is perfect for your biking commute, tram rides, or even ambient sounds during a late-night editing session. What should we watch next?

Genre: Film discussion and soundtracks


Host: Ammr Kabli aka 3MRO

Description: DJ show

Genre: minimal techno, downtempo, tech house, deep house

lost and found

Host: Seany B

Description: Showcase of new and old school house and techno

Genre: house, techno, electro 

UK & Beyond

Host: Lyndon Lewis 

Description: A DJ show focusing on the many strains of UK dance/ club music whilst also incorporating other complimenting sounds.

Genre: breaks, hardcore, UKG, bass, electro, grime, house, techno, jungle, ambient


Host: Leonidas Kanellias Gouvalis aka Wusk

Description: Clean but dirty basslines and feelings

Genre: EDM, trap, techno, hardstyle, psy ,trance, bass-heavy music genres, melodic house and techno, future bass

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Work in Progress

Host: Teddy Tawil aka TEDTEDTED 

Description: A 45-minute live broadcast showcasing work in progress. 

Genre: IDM, breakbeats, experimental ambient, glitch, DnB, footwork

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