Get to Know Our Etikett Radio 2016 Hosts in These Videos

Another year, another roster of hosts for Catalyst's (formerly dBs Berlin) student radio station Etikett Radio. Get to know the 2016-17 student selectors.

Get to Know Our Etikett Radio 2016 Hosts in These Videos | Catalyst Berlin

Norom Bou, aka Freak A. Della

'Freak A. Della’s Sound Bites'

Norom, aka Freak A. Della, became a part of the Etikett Radio team in 2015 when she joined the Electronic Music Production & Performance course at Catalyst (formerly dBs Berlin). Her show, Freak A. Della’s Sound Bites, is all about the connection between music and food and how these two different sensory experiences influence each other. Thanks to her show, we found out that there are a few very specific means by which your experience of eating can be influenced by the sounds played around you. But we will leave that info up to Norom to share.

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Inbal Gordon

'Lost in Transmission'

Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering student Inbal Gordon's Etikett Radio show Lost in Transmission has been running for two years, shaping the direction of Etikett Radio since the very beginning! It is about playing the music she likes – which also means music that maybe wouldn’t otherwise be played on the radio. For her what is most important about her time on the air is to “create a flow”, which sometimes means she would play entire albums without even talking during the show. This is what the radio is about though, giving space to new and undiscovered music as well as experimentation.

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Myles Watson

'Whattz Good'

Electronic Music Production & Performance Bachelor student Myles Watson's show Whattz Good is dedicated to hip-hop, future beats and trap. It showcases unknown artists and new talent. The show was born from Myles’s found love for the record label soulection. This label showcases a wide variety of genres which inspired him to to show off the songs he has loved from producers both known and unknown. With his spot on etikett he has been able to feature new artists from the UK. The freedom of having no real boundaries in terms of genre is what makes Etikett Radio special to Myles. It gives him the opportunity to put on entire episodes showcasing one particular artist.

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Nasti Moto

'Down the Rabbit Hole'

Anastasia Motovilova, aka Nasti Moto, has seen success with her programme Down the Rabbit Hole. One of her episodes even featured in three mixcloud charts at once! The show explores musical territories with its truly experimental approach to music and sounds. Down the Rabbit Hole aims to distress the settled and settle the distressed. The concept is genre-less. It provides a platform for artists to explore themselves while not being defined by a trend, brand or imposed identity. Nasti takes appreciating artistic non-judgement to a whole new level and encourages true freedom of expression.

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