We Recap Our First Event Collaboration With CDR

When we partnered with CDR for their club night this year, we knew it would be perfect for our students. How? Read what they have to say about it.

The club night hosted by CDR is different because it sources the music from its audience. This gives creators a chance to hear their stuff played in a club setting AND on a Funktion-One sound system. After the tunes, comes the feedback. We couldn’t think up a better experience for a musician interested in growth.

Here we’ve collected a few stories from students who have had an amazing time at CDR.

Cecilie Sadolin

Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering student

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"My track was played back in September 2016 and it was really cool. I wasn’t expecting it to happen either, as my tune 'Tapestry' was very experimental and not so “techno”. The night of the event I was actually so intimidated by the tracks being played that I decided to head home early. However before I did that, I went up to the DJ-pult (DJ booth in German) to ask the guys there not to play my track if they were intending to.

Their response was the most positive feedback I have ever received. The DJs knew my name and the name of my track. They also said that 'Tapestry' was the coolest thing they had ever heard, and that they were saving my track for last because of its originality!!! I was blown away by my feelings of happiness and gratitude ten minutes after I heard Tapestry on the most insane sound system ever.

Ever since that night I have been close to those DJs; we now have a collaboration going on. 'Tapestry' has gone to see success as well, being featured in this piece on the independent music blog Blatant Misrep."

Hear more from Cecilie on her soundcloud, and watch her live Studio Session performance.

Brando Calmonte

Electronic Music Production & Performance student

Catalyst Berlin music student Brando Calmonte

"I moved to Berlin in September 2016 and since then I have routinely submitted my tracks to CDR. The main reason for this was not because I wanted my tracks to be played, but because I wanted to be part of an amazing night. Prince Charles (where the event takes place) is one of my favourite clubs in town and it attracts young and talented producers who are interested in workshopping. At CDR I am surrounded by people like me: music lovers.

The club night is a big opportunity to hear the different music genres coming out from this inspiring city of Berlin. It’s also a great chance for me, a young artist, to understand what is going on in this saturated music environment. I can’t remember precisely how many of my tracks have been played, but I do remember the one that really made me happy.

During the last CDR event on January the 26th they played my track Una donna vestita di nero. It’s a track that came out of the blue because I normally produce housy and techno stuff. While I don’t normally share my tracks on social, I did post this tune and it even surprised my friends. But I seem to have stumbled upon something good because at CDR I saw the people dancing and enjoying my track. Tony Nwachukwu even turned up the volume on their massive sound system allowed us all to properly hear my work.

It sounded just as I wanted: a banging and gritty kick, a groovy bassline, and all the instruments were in their place. That made me so happy and so did the people who came up to me to offer their congratulations. "

These two testimonials are only a fraction of our students who have had great experiences with CDR. Camille has a few of her tracks play at a few different events and even did an interview for them. We also were super proud of our student Johan who won CDR’s 2016 Sound Dimensions contest. It culminated with a performance by him at the Sound Dimensions Festival.

For the next event coming up on the 23rd of March, our student Sarah is the featured performer.
You can find out more details for this even on the Facebook. The vibe will be chill, and we hope to see you there.