CAP Selects S2: Listen to Our Student Albums of the Week

CAP Selects: Albums - a weekly series showcasing the outstanding work of Catalyst Berlin Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering students

CAP Selects: Albums Season 2

We're back with Season 2 of CAP Selects: a weekly series dedicated to showcasing the outstanding work of our second-year Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering Bachelor students. The task for the assignment is to write a seven-track album towards a creative vision from scratch. The only prerequisite: two of the tracks should be collaborations and another two tracks should be covers or reinterpretations of original work. Listen to and read about our season-two selections below.

Week 3

'Black Turns Blue' by Micelio

"I wanted to create a concept album, but I also wanted the individual pieces to be able to stand on their own. I envisioned something obscure and dark, but not haunting. I portrayed fragility and playfulness. I achieved this by being very free in terms of song structure and instrumentation. 

The Story:

A being will be born from the depths of the ocean, the voice of the mother will be present before its own. After the being is born, the voice of the mother will carry on as they surface and set sail looking for something...

This story was for me, and my collaborators. It is not necessarily intended for the listener to follow, but more for us to hold on to something.

Special thanks to Artur Pasco for the drums."

Week 2

'Visor Från Hammarkullen' by Matias Santos

"What I mostly want to express are stories, even though they are written both from a first and a third person’s perspective, they’re a combination of stories from my family and friends. But it’s all written in a way where it could be about anyone.

This idea comes from when my father told me his story and when I said that it was such an impressive and unique story he replied that it wasn’t unique at all, that most immigrants had to live through what he lived through to survive. And that became a main pillar of my album. While most songs are about love stories, I wanted to write them from a perspective of a second-generation immigrant."

Week 1

'Stranding' by Atlas Glaas

"My vision was quite simple: dark, dreary, and drowned in mystery. I am naturally a “night owl.” I value anonymity. I much prefer the comfort of darkness then the sunlight of daytime. My goal was to simply express these emotions without any grand ulterior motive.

For the production phase of this album, I wanted to create a sound world drowned in darkness, decay, with a tendency toward the claustrophobic. To accomplish this, I relied heavily upon the scientific concept of Psychoacoustics and its effects on the perception of sound. The study of psychoacoustics has been an immense influence on my production, and my general view of sound design. Oscillator phasing techniques, feedback, microtonal tuning methods (such as just intonation) and careful navigation and exploitation frequency masking, all played a big role when considering how I wanted to layer my sounds."