Alumni Electro Duo Lalume On Creating Their First Album

In this episode of Catalyst's (formerly dBs Berlin) Where Are They Now series, Film Production student Gerard O’Keeffe interviews the Electronic Music Production & Performance alumni behind Lalume. 

Like a black widow in a veiled, feathered headdress, Auri weaves a web of rope around a motionless Ola. All the while, her black lips mouth “clouds on clouds on clouds” in a voice that could be an angel’s, if it wasn’t so hypnotising. The powerful music video for Lalume‘s first single ‘Clouds,’ released seven months ago, was a start-as-you-mean-to-go-on moment. Every month since then, the Australian-Norwegian electro duo have dropped an equally enchanting single and video, on course to complete a showstopping full-length album by September 2018.

“It’s like a pop symphony, a two-man orchestra.

Lalume formed in 2017 while studying Electronic Music Production and Performance at dBs Berlin [now Catalyst], with Auri naturally gravitating towards the vocals and Ola towards the production. With almost no budget – and a little help from their friends and family – the pair managed to set up a fully equipped studio at Funkhaus Berlin. Amidst the cosy wood-clad walls and vaulted ceilings of the legendary space, the duo incubated their label-evading electronic sound – a sonic tapestry of styles, eras and influences.

As they sing and synth their hearts out to wrap up their first ever album, Film Production student Gerard O’Keeffe caught up with Lalume to reflect on their dBs Berlin [now Catalyst] journey, and to find out what’s next for the ones to watch.

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