Christos Doulgerakis on His Gripping Short Film ‘One Way Ticket’

We interview director and Film Production alumnus Christos Doulgerakis on his gripping short film One Way Ticket for the latest episode of Catalyst's (formerly dBs Berlin) Director’s Cut series.

What’s your favourite movie? Chances are it’s about a character at the point of conflict. After all, they are the most interesting stories to watch, and to tell. Film Production alumnus Christos Doulgerakis‘ gripping short film One Way Ticket is no different, about a homeless girl who finds her feather dead by suicide. Her whole world crashing down, the grief-stricken protagonist has to learn how to survive alone – all the while fighting her demons.

Christos has a pretty interesting story himself. While studying Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture in his native Athens, he couldn’t help but be drawn to filmmaking. What started as a childish effort with his father’s shaky handy-cam many years ago led to him quitting his job as a marine engineer and enrolling at Catalyst. With a talented eye and a thirst for storytelling, he has now produced many fantastic short films, commercials and music videos.

In the latest of our Director’s Cut video series, we caught up with Christos on the One Way Ticket set to learn more about the film and how he’s developed as a creative. Check out the interview below and watch the trailer on Vimeo.

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