3 Reasons to Visit MONOM: 4D Spatial Sound at Funkhaus Berlin

3 reasons to visit MONOM Berlin 4Dsound system

Learn about MONOM's state-of-the-art 4DSOUND system at Funkhaus Berlin, the most immersive music experience on offer in the city.

How does the future of sound look to you? If you’re a sound connoisseur, chances are that future looks a lot like experimental performance venue and state-of-the-art spacial sound studio MONOM. There are only three other sound systems of its kind in the world! Like Catalyst, MONOM is located at the historic Funkhaus, housing its innovative 4DSOUND system within spectacular Bauhaus-meets-Soviet architecture.

Take a look inside in Catalyst Film student Masih Tajzai‘s film below. And scroll down to read our three reasons you need to visit.

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1. Discover a mind-bending sound experience

3 reasons to visit MONOM Berlin 4Dsound system

4DSOUND is a creative and technical collective exploring spatial sound as a medium. Over a decade-long period of research, experimentation and public performances, they have collaborated with over 100 artists to create the most advanced spatial sound system in the world. Up to 400 people can be immersed in this one-of-a-kind instrument. Suspended throughout the venue are 48 omnidirectional speakers, which extend to nine powerful subs submerged beneath an acoustically transparent floor. *Mic drop*

2. Get inspired

A group of first-year Creative Audio Production & Sound Engineering students visited MONOM last month for an inspiring workshop. They learnt how the system works and how it’s used as a compositional tool, as well as joining a discussion on the future of spatial sound. After the session, attending student, DJ-producer Charlie Sandoval a.k.a. Onix, gave us his review.

“MONOM is definitely one of the most interesting sound experiences you will find in Berlin. I was impressed by the feeling of being taken to another space. You can create a vivid image of a completely different place just because of the placing and movement of the sounds. I think that this possibility of placing the sound anywhere in space opens almost infinite doors to endless opportunities for music producers and sound designers. The potential it has in the field of audiovisual arts also really excites me. Sound artists are getting closer and closer to visual artists. MONOM is a new opportunity for different types of artist to create unique pieces and projects. The venue kind of reflects where the technology of sound is moving and aiming these days and what it would probably become in the future.”

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3. Encounter incredible events

3 reasons to visit MONOM Berlin 4Dsound system

We couldn’t hope to explain the audience experience any better than MONOM themselves: “From a single syllable floating in the breeze to a hurricane of choirs; from gentle waves of polyphony to lorries of bass that crash through the body of the room; audiences can expect experiences ranging from the most subtle and nuanced to the most intensely visceral; from healing and meditative to thought provoking and radical.” Last month’s collaboration with the huge CTM Festival epitomised the curated, sound-as-artwork adventure that MONOM presents.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events here.