Sarah Colson

Storytelling & Marketing Lead

Originally from London, Sarah moved to Berlin at the height of the COVID pandemic and joined Catalyst in March 2023. As Storytelling Lead, her role is to attract new students from around the world to Catalyst.

She’s a self-described “arts nerd” and has spent over a decade working in arts marketing and communications. She’s developed marketing campaigns on everything from theatre performances, gigs and literature festivals to art exhibitions and auctions.

Sarah’s a strong advocate for studying and living abroad, having spent part of her Bachelor's in Barcelona, and later worked in Sydney for an Aboriginal dance company – both experiences which completely transformed her outlook and gave her a lifelong wanderlust. She loves nothing more than to travel and to see what a place brings out of her. She was drawn to Catalyst by the excitement of helping others to discover the magic of international creative learning experiences.

When Sarah’s not at Catalyst, you can find her hunkering down with a book in one of Berlin's cosier cafes, eating ramen, or “heaving and gasping her way through a techno spinning class”. When it comes to music, Radiohead holds a special place in her heart. Discovering their albums "OK Computer" and "Kid A" at the age of 16 had a huge impact on her. As Sarah puts it, “I’d just never felt that way about music before”.