Ruut Ahonen

Age: 21 (26.06.1998)
Height: 172cm
Hair colour:  Red
Nationality: Finnish
Languages: English (fluent), Finnish (native)


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  • Uncle Jerry is Toxic (Coming in 2021) Director: Einar Nybakk Pettersen, Shanice Trustfull, Role: Olivia
  • On The Way Out (2020) Director: Samantha Decker, Role: Marie
  •  Middle Heavens (2020) Director: Vaughan Richards, Role: Rosalind
  • Touching (2020) Director: Zoe Valentini, Role: Violet
  • Scroll (2020) Director: Zoe Valentini, Role: Anna
  • Memoriam (2020) Director: Jen Frisch-Wang, Role: doctor
  • Gray (2020) Director: Jonah Garland, Role: Benedict
  • Isn’t It Just Grand (2020) Director: Diana Kadah, Role: Summer
  • Dirty Laundry (2020) Director: Sara Russo, Role: Valentina
  • A Good Story (2020) Director: Zac Foote, Role :Girl
  • We Figured It Out (2020) Director: Helena Marinho, Role: Emily
  • Wir Sind Heir (2020) Director: Colette McIsaac, Role: Girl
  • Godless (2019) Director: Vaughan Richards, Role: Moses
  • Tide (2019) Director: Rodrigo Puente, Role: Therapist
  • A Movie about Alena and Tom (2019) Director: Patrick Milani, Role: Alena
  • Nutshell (2019) Director: Nils Christian Viken, Role: Girl
  • Private (2019) Director: Sheona Mateos, Role: Girl
  • You Can’t Save Them All (2019) Director: Carolina Cardoso, Role: Chara
  • Lucid Sex Dreams (2019) Director: J Frisch-Wang, Role: Eva                                                 
  • The Weedfluencer (2019) Director: Petter Soderberg, Role: Weedfluencer
  • Good News Bad News (2019) Director: Zoe Valentini, Role: Wife


  • The Extravagant Flauntings of Marie Antoinette (2021) Director: Adam Donald Ferreira, Role: Queen Margaud


  • Circus: Acrobatics, silks and trapeze (intermediate)
  • Dance: Basics of jazz, hiphop and modern dance (intermediate)