Maja O

Admissions lead

It’s no wonder Maja O is a big fan of charades, because her wonderfully unconventional personality always keeps us guessing. A pillar of our admissions team since 2017, the Polish problem solver deals with all things related to applications. She also works to optimise processes across our institution, with an emphasis on automation.

In fact, Maja’s penchant for programming automations is on par with her flair for drawing small animals – and her talents don’t end there. After completing her studies in vocal techniques and musicology, Maja worked as a singer and a singing teacher before moving to Germany. What drew her to Catalyst? “I was looking for a job at a music-related place, populated by witty and warm-hearted people,” she says.

When Maja’s not at Catalyst, she’s often at a concert, eating at her favourite Vietnamese restaurant around the corner, or listening to early Julee Cruise albums. Her life philosophy turns the it’s-about-the-journey cliche on its head. “Once I heard another version of it and found it quite convincing,” she explains. “It is not about waiting for the storms to pass, but learning to dance in the rain. Marvelous, huh?”

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