Lisa Merkert

DoB: 18.09.1993
Height: 170cm
Hair colour: Brown
Nationality: German
Languages: German (native), English (fluent), French (intermediate), Spanish (basic)


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  • I‘m Listening To You (2021) Director (Alexandros Liossatos). Lead Role (actress)
  • Level 13 (2021) Director (Julia Jaskolski). Lead Role (Kat)
  • The Workshop (2021) Director (Olivia Maaghul). Supporting Role (woman in office)
  • For The Best (2021) Director (Julia Jaskolski). Supporting Role (Pregnant Woman)
  • The Best Things come in Twos (2021) Director (Johanna v. Strackelberg). Lead Role (Delta & Clone)
  • Session 137 (2021) Director (Francesca Rotundo). Supporting Role (Mum)
  • Dressed for Attention (2021) Director (Maya Zaretski). Lead Role (Woman in Uber)
  • Recipe For Friends (2021) Director (Olivia Maaghul). Supporting Role (Imaginary Friend)
  • Recall (2020) Director (Peter Brown). Supporting Role (Dora)
  • New Me (2020) Director (Cardo Sommerhage). Lead Role (Drunk Girl)
  • Monolith (2020) Director (Georgy Li). Supporting Role (Wife)
  • Pandemic Paranoia (2020) Director (Olivia Maaghul). Supporting Role (2. Bystander)
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2020) Director (Alexandros Liossatos). Supporting Role (Flirty Neighbour)
  • Singularity (2020) Director (SK Purvis). Dancer
  • Banana Bread (2020) Director (Alexandros Liossatos). Supporting Role (Dream Friend)
  • No Pain (2020) Director (Olivia Maaghul). Lead Role (Drunk Girl)
  • The Black Cat (2020) Director (Amna Qureshi). Lead Role (Black Cat)
  • Roses (2020) Director (Olivia Maaghul). Supporting Role (Crazy Girl)
  • Language Café (2020) Director (Alexandros Liossatos). Lead Role (Girlfriend)


  • Soccer (intermediate)
  • Horse riding (intermediate) 
  • Pair dancing - Salsa, Argentine Tango, Slow Fow, Disco Fox, Chachacha, Rumba, Slow Walz (intermediate) 
  • Drawing (intermediate) 
  • Yoga (beginner)