Juan Arthur

Age: 29
Height: 174cm
Hair colour:  Brown
Nationality: Colombian/ Norwegian
Languages: English (fluent), Norwegian (fluent), Spanish (proficient), German (basic).


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  • LOGAN'S WILL (Directed by Li Wallis 2020) - Lead
  • There ( Directed by Olesya Fedulova 2020) - Lead
  • Monitor (Directed by Angel Quel 2020) - Lead
  • Running (Directed by Vaughan Richards 2020) - Main Supporting actor
  • The Emotions Parsons Project (Directed By Sheo Teo 2020) - Lead


  • Percussion (drums, bongos, cajon, tambourine)
  • Singing (tenor)
  • Good with accents (British, American, Norwegian dialects)
  • Tricks on the yoyo