Federico Stefan

D.O.B: 12.10.2001

Height: 164 cm
Hair colour: Brown
Nationality: Italian
Languages: English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Italian (fluent)


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  • The Pillowman (2022) Director: Adam Donald, Role: Tupolski


  • Skins (2021) Director: Amna Qureshi, Role: Son
  • I'm Listening To You (2021) Director: Alexandros Liossantos, Role: Sound Guy
  • The Workshop (2021) Director: Olivia Maaghul, Role: Clock Repairman
  • The Best Things Come In Twos (2021) Director: Johanna Von Stackelberg, Role: Dr. Duo
  • For the best (2021) Director: Julia Jaskolski, Role: Tommy
  • The Bethel of the Beforetides (2021) Director: S.K. Purvis , Role: Gonzo
  • Dust (2021) Director: Francesca Rotundo, Role: Freddie
  • Sydney Fields Saturday Show (2020) Director: Johanna Von  Stackelberg, Role: Leonardo
  • Pandemic Paranoia (2020) Director: Olivia Maaghul, Role: Bystander 1
  • PROLOGUE (2020) Director: Johanna Von Stackelberg, Role: Jake
  • Grigio (2020) Director: Olivia Maaghul, Role: Marco
  • CORA (2020) Director: Francesca Rotundo, Role: Oliver
  • TEARS™ (2020) Director: Mathilda Lönnborg, Role: Model  
  • Home (2020) Director: Francesca Rotundo, Role: James
  • I'm Out (2020) Director: Johanna Von Stackelberg, Role: 1st Shitty Friend


  • Flamenco (beginner)
  • Bollywood dance (beginner)