Christina Gaither

Storytelling lead

It’s no wonder Christina Gaither used to work as Red Bull HQ’s communications and project manager, because she’s got a supercharged talent for giving wings to people and ideas. Pursuing her love for creative arts and education, Christina became the lead of Catalyst’s storytelling team in 2018. Her mission: to find as many creative ways as possible to tell the story of our school and community. “My favourite part of working for Catalyst is collaborating with students on different projects and amplifying their stories,” she says.

An African American/ Spaniard who grew up in Alicante, Christina is a firm believer that life begins outside of your comfort zone – not hitting the snooze button in the morning is a great place to start! “Step outside of your comfort zone as much as you can,” is her solid life advice. “Overcome any perceived obstacle. Discover and embrace every face of your personality.”

When she’s not turning chaos into structure at Catalyst, Christina is dancing, record digging, in nature, studying or doing some sort of bodywork practice. She is most passionate about food and music. Her favourite artist is Flying Lotus.