Amanda Bjørsvik

Age: 23 (12.02.1998)
Height: 165cm
Hair colour: Brown
Nationality: Norwegian
Languages: Norwegian (native), English (fluent)


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Language Café (2020) Director: Alexandros Liossatos. Role: Hostess. 

Roses (2020) Director: Olivia Maghuul. Role: Runaway Prisoner.

The Black Cat (2020) Director: Amna Qureshi. Role: Friend.

No pain (2020) Director: Alexandros Liossatos. Role: Unnamed girl.

Banana Bread (2020) Director: Alexandros Liossatos. Role: Amanda.

The Container (2020) Director: Emil Peterson. Role: Unnamed girl.

What Is Love? (2020) Director: Amna Qureshi. Role: Mary.

Hypocrisy (2021) Director: Tomas B.T. Role: Unnamed girl. 

Glitch (2020) Director: Alex Ridao. Role: Anna. 

Tower of Love (2020) Director: Hannah Walker. Role: Viola von Vandervelt.

Isolation (2021) Director: Alex Ridao. Role: Girl 2.

Burnt Green and Blue: Act 2 (2021) Director: Ana Múgica Galán, Teodora Georgijevic. Role: Kitty.

More Than This (2021) Director: Sara Cabezas, Hannah Walker. Role: Allison. 

Paralysis (2021) Director: Alex Ridao. Role: Unnamed girl. 

Blood of Oil (2021) Director: Sofie Eiding. Role: Milo. 

Skins (2021) Director: Amna Qureshi. Role: Daughter.


Measure for Measure (2018) Director: Eli Hårklau. Role: Isabella.


  • Singing (amateur)
  • Horseback riding (amateur)
  • Roller skating (beginner)