Rio Sierra

Music tech

It’s been said many times: at Catalyst, the creative energy is contagious. And it’s for exactly this reason that Rio Sierra joined our tech team in 2019. “I wanted to be surrounded by creative people, explore their ability to create, share my experience and knowledge, and in turn be inspired to create,” says the Spaniard.

Rio has over 15 years’ experience as a video artist, graphic designer and music producer in the fashion, advertising and music industries. He is also the founder of, an independent music and film production company – the perfect position from which to achieve his dream of one day directing and scoring a film trilogy. 

Rio is excellent at listening and support – two essential qualities for a Catalyst technician. He says his favourite part of his role is interacting with the students and helping them with their needs. That includes giving them honest feedback when they ask him to watch or listen to their creations.  

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