Martina Bertoni

Tutor, Electronic Music Production & Performance

Meet Martina Bertoni, originally from a small town in the North East of Italy near the Slovenian border. However, for Martina, home is the vibrant city of Berlin. She joined Catalyst in September 2023 and currently tutors on the Electronic Music Production & Performance programme, specialising in composition and sound design.

Martina's artistic journey began as a classically trained cellist. She then progressed through modern music, improvisation, experimental and music for film, ultimately evolving into a composer for her solo electroacoustic works. At Catalyst, Martina's favourite part of her role is interacting with students, delving into their experiences and being challenged by their eagerness to learn. Outside Catalyst, you'll find her in her home studio, surrounded by family and cats.

What excites Martina the most in life is the prospect of learning new practices and being challenged by fresh sources of inspiration, particularly those expanding her map of sound-related knowledge. And, of course, she has a soft spot for great food. Her life tip is simple yet profound: Get comfortable being out of your comfort zone; that's where the biggest surprises await. And always be kind to yourself.