Kyle Colebrook

Music tech

What does Kyle do at Catalyst? “Ensure decent trax are played in the techshop, and that the cables are rolled up nicely.” That extremely modest description of his role as a music technician tells you all you need to know about the Canadian music producer’s chill personality. 

Kyle joined Catalyst in 2017 because he loves to share and converse about records and the ways to make them. He says his favourite part of his role is “the free coffee... kidding! I really like seeing someone excited to go and use a technique in the studio that I helped shine light on. Also being a part of the community is really nice.”

When Kyle’s not running – caffeine-loaded – around our studios, sharing his wisdom with our students, you’ll find him in a record store, playing with his MPC or out having a boogie. Apart from all things “boom boom,” he’s also a massive fan of dogs. 

Kyle’s main goal in life is very much in line with Catalyst’s ethos: “to continually learn and challenge myself at all ages.”

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